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Time to replace The Beast?

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I'm skiing on The Beast.  My second pair.  I replaced my first pair after they went out of production with the help of one of you guys who happened to have a pair in the back room the right size.  I like the way they feel and work, although the examiners at my last exam did not and neither did my coach at Snow Performance (Crystal Mt, Washington).  His comment, "your ankles aren't going anywhere - you hit the cuff and - thunk - just stop."  The examiners said, "create more tension/flexion at your ankles with the turns."  So, yeah, what's up?  My technique needs work, sure.  But the Beast is not a particularly stiff boot.  And I'm not a small guy - 5'10", 185 lbs.   What is keeping me from "creating more tension/flexion at your ankles"?  I figure I need to polish my technique and maybe also get new boots and/or new examiners and coaches.  Snow Performance syas I should look at some sort of Lange which he suggested has all kinds of options and, now, is wide enough to accomodate my aircraft carriers.  I don't know anything about this new mix/match Lange or how it might improve my situation.  I'm no racer, but I think I ski pretty aggressively, prefer to spend my time off-piste.  Are my boots holding me back?  Should I be looking for a softer flex?  Or just taking more lessons?  Thanks for your time.

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can you flex your ankle, when you are not in a ski boot?  (can the knee, go past your toes, with keeping your heel on the floor?)


if so, get a softer boot, or learn how to flex the one you have...



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Yes, although I am somewhat compromised on the left.  Shattered my ankle (x-ray looked like pickup sticks) 15 years ago in a paragliding accident.  So 5 to 7 degrees less on the left than on the right but enough to score a three in Chris Fellows' overhead squat test of functional movement.  How does one "learn to flex the ones you have?"  Or is that a different forum?

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couple of other things that could be causing the problem


1 the beast had a weird flex, the plastic is getting on a bit too 

2 have you done a shell check, we see loads of people who "cannot flex" and a lot of the time it is the boot being a size (or 2) too big, with your foot in the wrong place in the boot you will never be able to flex it smoothly

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Do you have large calf muscles?

If so, this may cause you to sit back, it's hard to flex a boot from the back seat.

I agree with CEM, do a shell check, if the boot is too big and you buckle your heel into the rear of the shell, the center of your foot will not line up on the center of the boot sole, you will find it harder to load the front of the boot sole without throwing your upper body forward.



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I do, in fact, have enormous calves.  What's a guy to do?  I normally ski with buckles done up just tight enough to keep them closed.  Is there a better tactic?

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Hi molesaver,


I copied and pasted how to perform a shell check.  Until you get back to us with the results of this check, anything we suggest is just conjecture.


What is the shell fit like for length? Remove the liner, put your foot in the shell only, have your toes lightly touching the front of the boot and see how much room is behind your heel and the boots shell. Use a pen as a spacer and measure this for thickness. You want 5-15mm (3/16 to 5/8 inch) of room. If you have more then 25mm (1") stop here


2) What is the shell fit like for width?


Now center your foot front to back, (same amount of room behind the toe and heel) and is the width of your foot touching the sides of the boots shell? You want anything from lightly brushing to 2mm per side. If you have 3mm per side stop here.


3. measure the circumference of your calf at the top of the liner and provide this info also.


4. what size in cm (or boot sole length) is the boots you are presently in?



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