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Crested Butte deal!

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I've never been there, and this seems to be a good deal:


Anything I should know before committing to this trip?


What would be the cheapest transportation from the airport to the hotel?



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That is a good deal.  I've been there a few times.  Crested Butte is  about a 20 drive from the Gunnison airport, but I don;t know what kind of transport they have or what it costs.   That really is a good deal though...


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"Price may vary based on origination city"

I have yet to see a ski vacation package where the true price wasn't a lot more than the "headline" price... There's always a catch! Like offer valid oct 23-nov1 or may 15 to close.
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Last year when I inquired about the late season heavily advertised $99/day to stay and ski at Snowbird (based on double occupancy) I found that it was actually almost $150 a person with the added sales and resort taxes.


Also, even though it is a ski package they will probably charge you an extra baggage fee for your skis.

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There are plenty of buses and shuttles that run from the airport to CB (or Mount CB.)


If you're "adventurous" (ahem.... cheap....) you can hitchhike.  You usually don't have to wait very long.


No reason to have a rental car if you're staying in either Crested Butte or Mount Crested Butte.

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