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No Editing???

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I have been waiting a week to replace some old links that I put in my posts that no longer exist.  Is the editing going to be turned back on soon?  It seems strange to me to have a forum that you can't edit on. People need to be able to edit posts. 

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First thing, I have no affiliation with this site, or how it is run or moderated..  that said..


Last I heard they updated the forum to only allow editing within an hour of the original posts.  That is how most other forums I'm familiar with work.  I do believe that you can flag your post and request a moderator to make changes and they will where needed.  Without at time limit it has been proven over and over that some disgruntled people go back and change the content of their posts throughout a thread so as to completely disrupt responses others made to those posts.  So, I doubt we'll see the longer edit window reinstated any time soon. 


Try flagging the posts where links need to be updated and add the new urls in the flag comment.  Hopefully a mod will fix them for you.

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Just let a Mod know what you'd like to do and we'll help, Blake. (Thanks for pointing the way, Charles.)

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