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SW Colorado - Jan 25-30. Cancel or Go?

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Flying into Denver on Jan 25th.  Original plan was to hit Silverton (Or Cat Skiing), Teluride, Wolf Creek, Crested Butte (or combination of those based on snow conditions.)  Typically spend half of one of the travel days on snowmobiles.  This years plan was to do 2-3 days of epic skiing (Silverton or Cats.)


Wolf Creek hasn't had new snow in a couple of weeks.  It's great when it dumps, but when it doesn't -- It doesn't excite me too much.  Worth going?


I've got friends in CB and even though it's not my favorite resort, a free place to stay and the town itself makes up for it.  No reason right now to ride there.


Teluride - Snow reports aren't good.  Town is great but expensive to stay there.  Right now looks like a skip.


Silverton - No new snow in 2+ weeks has me nervous.  Will it still be good?  Have not ridden there before but it's on the bucket list.  We'll be traveling with the guide so we need to make sure we get a $150 experience out of it.  Thoughts?


Cats - The outfits in both creede and durango appear to be closed until conditions improve.   Forecast isn't looking good....


Snowmobiles - I can't imagine there is much worth getting excited about.  If the resorts have no snow, the trails are probably awful, too.


We're booked on Southwest so we can effectively cancel our reservations without penalty.  Walk away with $0 out of pocket or roll the dice on snow in the next couple of weeks?

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If you can cancel now for $0, then it is a no-brainer do it.  We'd need a major blizzard to get to the point where you'd see a significant increase in terrain openings beyond what's open now.  Of all those locations Silverton is skiing the best, but I'd try to bump your trip out a couple months or head to Canada if you really need to ski now.  Since Silverton is higher, has fewer skiers and is only open Thurs-Sun, their snow will always be better than a resort.  Wolf Creek got hammered early so they also have a bunch of terrain open.  


I live in Denver, have skied all those locations except for the Durango snowcat option, and normally have quite 20+ days by this point in the season...this year I have 3!  

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I would call Silverton - that's a niche mountain catering to what you are after.


Long range forecast is looking better for Northern CO.  Hard to sat how the SW does when it isn't favored in a NW flow.  At some point, you always roll the dice that CO is going to be active in January when we are statistically cold and dry.  That is why this isn't high season.  If the large scale pattern looks promising, dice can be rolled on your plans for sure. The early season split flow pattern with cutoff lows in the deep SW is supposed to roll through one more time this weekend.  Might as well watch that and then get a bead on this second half of Jan pattern change if you can. 

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Thanks guys.  I've got a rental car I can cancel with no penalty and w/ Southwest you can "change" your itinerary to another up to a year out... so...  I can always use the airfare for something else.


The big decision isn't to postpone the trip -- that would be a no brainer.  The decision is whether to cancel the trip.  If it doesn't happen this week, it can't happen again until late April because of other commitments.  BC would be at least $500 more.  I'm going to hang tight another couple of days and see what happens.  We all know how quickly the weather can change and how much snow can come out of nowhere.

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If you can wait to cancel/postpone until after this weekend, then you will have a much better idea of snow coverage from the forecasted snow coming into CO. It sounds like Monday the 16th will give you a good idea. If it were me, I'd wait until one week before your trip, if you have that kind of time frame to cancel. Then decide based on what the snow totals are for your above mentioned ski areas. Fingers crossed that you end up pulling the trigger and going, and having good conditions.

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That's todays plan.  We'll see what next week brings for the forecast.  I also rearranged my schedule so that I can actually postpone this trip either 1 or 2 weeks for only $30 more.  The decision will be made next week.

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Just wait.  There's no penalty to wait until right before your flight?   If you want to hedge, book a new SW flight to Spokane and use which ever has the best conditions on the 24th?

I'm in Revelstoke right now and it's pretty good at the resorts, but not great.   The northern cat ops are good, southern not good?

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