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2 days-Portland or Seattle

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Hi All, my first post here and looking for tips!


I'm from Italy, I'll be in the NW at the begining of February and want to spend a couple of days on the snow! I can arrange my trip to start from either Seattle or Portland, I would like to find a resort close to the airports (50/100 miles), any suggestions?



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This depends on the kind of skiing you really like.  If you want more advanced runs pick Seattle.  Crystal Mountain, Stevens Pass, and Alpental are all areas that would fit your criteria and they all have great top level advanced terrain.  


The ski areas close to Portland are more intermediate in nature, though if you like nice blue groomers it's hard to beat the side of a volcano.

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Thanks for the suggestion Posaune....the idea of a volcano ski is very appealing, something we do not have there only one ski area or should I look for a particular one?

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Please give us more detail.  What kind of skiing are you interested in?  Do you like to cruise the groomed runs, or are you looking for more off piste terrain?


Also, in your OP you use the term "resorts" to describe the places you're looking for.  There are no resorts in the true sense of the word within 50-100 miles of either city.  You would need to find lodging in the metro area and drive to the mountain each day.

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I'm looking for groomed runs. With resort I meant the skiing area, once I find the right place to ski I will look for an hotel along the way.

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I'm not familiar with the Mt. Hood ski areas, but you can do a search here for information on them.  There are lots of old threads about their various merits.

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The skiing will be better (snow quality) and you'll have more of it (bigger area) if you go to Crystal Mt. You may not be on the side of a volcano, but from the top of the gondola you'll be staring a bigger one in the face. There's also slopeside lodging at Crystal. It's not fancy, but it's fine, and it's the only area in Washington that has it.



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As much as I like Stevens and Crystal, I think that if groomers are what you're interested in, Meadows has a lot more to offer.

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Got to agree with jaobrien6.  I ski mostly at Stevens, and really like Crystal as well, however the two times I skied at Mt Hood Meadows were pretty excellent trips, nice long groomed ridge runs with all kinds of trails off the ridge runs.  Also the evelation is a little higher and (I think) the snow is a little drier.  Most of the lifts are high speed quads.  Added bonus, they have great night skiing.  For another night ski option, Ski Bowl (one of the other ski areas on Mt Hood) advertises that they have the largest amount of night skiing in the US. 



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I don't think you would go wrong with either Mt Hood or Crystal. Meadows is a great ski area. Lodging nearby too. Crystal has a small amount of on mtn lodging. Some nice groomers but Crystal is better known for its side country access. IMO, the views/scenery is better at Crysta, better off-piste. If you do Mt Hood; you could do one day at Timberline and one day at Meadows. And if you still don't feel like you got enough skiing during the day, you can go to Skibowl for some night skiing.

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