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Mounting an iPhone?

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Hey all, don't really have the money to spend on a GoPro right now, has anyone had any experience mounting an iPhone to their arm/head?  The 4s has a pretty good video camera, and I was thinking of buying an exercising armband, encasing it in a ziploc bag, and putting it on my leading arm (I snowboard).



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There are several solutions that protect the phone and allow it to be mounted for POV video.  A new solution looks especially nice , the "Optrix Helmet cam Mount for iPhone" is protective, and more compact than the Pelican case.  This is pretty new stuff, so if you get one and try it out, post back a review here. Online review


FWIW, the iPhone is not waterproof and is not suited to exposure to falls, snow, ice.  Don't try strapping it on your arm and expect it to survive. It needs to be enclosed in a protective case.

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I'm really interested to see how the footage comes out while skiing.
The lack of a wide angle lens is a bummer, but I'm sure the video quality is really good. 
I emailed the company too see if they had and footage of a skier using it, but they don't yet....
Tempted to pick one up still.... Maybe make up a pole mount?
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Hmmm...or a board mount.  I dont usually wear a helmet, but that looks pretty nice and fairly reasonably priced.  If I get and use it, ill be sure to post up a review.

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I taped a run on my iphone on tuesday.  It is a short one minute video, is there a way to upload it here.  I held it in my hand while skiing


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I bought a few arm bands to see how they're made..  This was for an iPod, but the iP4 fits OK.  


Envy, if you want it (no further use to me) send me a PM, I'll mail it to you.   Also, if your camera

lens is in the same spot, I can punch a hole - you cannot shoot through PVC.. and see anything.






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MiVeu just announced their iPhone POV system. Looks pretty slick and takes GREAT video.


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Im going to try to mount this thing on my arm, and ill post back how it works.  Trip is 1/27

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I think I'm going to end up making my own chest mount for the iphone. I wanted to get a Miveu but they're already sold out and won't restock until March.

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On the plus side, you can also hook up lens adapters to your iphone to get a better film look. (e.g., shallow DOF)

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