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Arch pain and white pressure marks

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Hi there


Last season, I bought my first pair of ski boots from Tahoe. I live in the UK. I am female.


I wear a size 5 shoe (UK size) and the boots are a 23.5. I was advised to get a boot one size too small, which I agreed to. When flexed into the boots, my toes are able to wiggle.


I skied for a week and on the last day (a very powdery day), I got black toe nails which eventually fell off (both big toe nails). I went to the boot shop and they punched out the shell a little around where the big toes are. I left the next day and did not get a chance to try them out.


Now, I am going skiing again in 2 weeks time. I have been wearing the boots about an hour each day. By the end of the hour, my feet are throbbing. When I take them off, there are white pressure marks under the forefoot and occasionally, I get a strange ache within the forefoot. It feels as if my forefeet might be being flattened. I don't do up the front  buckles.


I have an instep and a heel raise.


I know I have a long way to go to getting the boots worn in, and I am happy to do so. I am concerned that the pain and discomfort I am experiencing could be a sign that the boots are wrong, rather than being a sign that I need to wear them in more! I do not want to injure my feet.


Do any of the symptoms sound like there is anything obviously wrong, or does it sound like normal 'new boot' issues?



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a UK 5 is a measured 24 but to drop to a 23.5 shell is very common and was most likely the right thing to do, it all comes down to shell check so without knowing how much space you have in the shell it is difficult to say if the particular boot is correct but my gut feel is it is at least the correct size.... what model is it you are skiing in?



the pressure under the forefoot could be from a number of things, could be lack of flexibility at your ankle joint (is that why you had the heel lift put in? or was it for another reason?) it could be either too much or too little lift that is causing the load on your forefoot...how much calf stretching have you done since you last skied?

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Thank you for that.


When the heel lift was fitted, it took the pressure off of the toes. I don't know whether that was related to a lack of flexibility at the ankle. Does it fit with taking pressure off of the toes?


I haven't been doing calf stretches specifically, but do do alot of exercise - squash and beach volleyball, so often in a squatting position.


It sounds from what you are saying that I need to get someone to check the shell compatibility, play with the amount of heel lift, and to specifically stretch calf muscles. Does that sound right?


Many thanks

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