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I have a pair of older green and white Head supershape magnums, (scammed cheap from an old Epicskier, Oboe,  formerly from Smugglers Notch---now of west palm beach FL----who married me and the Queen on the top of Stowe oh those many years ago) probably 5 or 6 years old with free flex 14 bindings. 


I've started to notice some upward slop in one toe that is enough to make me wonder a few things.....first, I cannot find a way to adjust toe wing height (aka a Look pivot toe or going WAY...WAY back a Look Nevada/Grand prix toe piece)  I know I just dated myself!  Oh well!  Second, it seems sloppy enough to affect edging on that side.


Questioning if the binding has outlived its life span?  Or is there some adjustment I am just not able to figure out...and last but certainly not least....does this binding make my ankles look fat?


Any comments and/or advice?  I've already color coordinated with green Kyrptons if that was anyones suggestion....I look great on piste!