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What size should I buy?

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I am looking for new ski boots after 8-10 years in Salomon X-Wave 9s (which were always a little wide and a little soft for my taste). I ski pretty aggressively, mostly ungroomed. My old ski boots were a size 24.5, and I had to have a lot of work done on them over the years as they were constantly crushing my toes and cutting off circulation if I tightened the lower buckles to keep my feet from moving around. I have a low volume foot, very narrow heel, relatively high instep, stiff ankles, and low arches. I measure between 24 and 25 on the mondo scale. I tried on a pair of Lange Exclusive 100 LVs in a local store in size 25 and everything felt snug except that there was a fair amount of room in the toe box (could wiggle my toes, curl them, spread them) and that my heel lifted about half an inch. They didn't have the smaller size of that boot, but I tried a "softer" one (Exclusive 80), and I could feel the plastic on my toes through the liner, except when I flexed them really hard. I have ordered the Exclusive 100 in the smaller size from REI to try them on and am anxiously awaiting them. Which size would you lean towards? I will be getting custom footbeds as well. And... THANKS!

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is that the ONLY boot options you have?  is so the 24, but most companies will make boots in that kinda size and width range.


what is the shell fit like on either of them?

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Not the only option, I suppose. The guys at my local shop gave me those (which I suspected I might like from some online research) and the Solomon women's racing boots (Impact? Instinct? Can't remember the name) to try on. The Sollys had a lot of pressure points (particularly at the instep and around the calf). The Langes felt like a smoother all-around fit. I didn't see how much space was in the shell with my foot in, but the salesperson seemed to think it would be worth trying a size smaller since I was "in between". But the smaller Lange boot (softer flex) that I tried *did* pinch my toes somewhat. Still... That smaller size is probably right, isn't it? Is there another boot you would recommend I try based on my description? Thanks a ton!



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go smaller, and no idea what will fit you.  I have not seen your foot.   sorry


did you read the wiki about boot fitting at the top of this forum?



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Thanks so much. I am leaning towards the smaller pair. I am considering going to an independent boot fitter here in new york to discuss further (since the smaller pair is coming by mail, and I won't have anyone to help me decide). Are there any other boots that come to mind for someone with my basic profile?


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everyone makes a boot that is similar to that.  just a matter of what wil fit YOU best.   can you ask the boot fitter you are seeing?   they can see your feet, and get direct feedback from you.

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Thanks for your advice. I am getting the smaller size of the boots in the mail this evening and am going to see if I can make an appointment with the boot fitter to check them out tomorrow. I assume I can get fitted for some fee even if I'm not buying from that store (seeing as they didn't have my size!). I appreciate your help.

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Mtn lion, you still around? I just got my smaller boots in the mail. I am trying them on with regular thin wool dress socks (a lot thinner than what I usually ski in).


With the liners: They are snug in the heel/instep/ankle/calf, there is some room around my toes (I can scrunch them up and wiggle them) and my toes are right up against the liner when I stand up straight. When I flex they come off the liner.


Without the liner: If my toes are right up at the front of the boot, I have about 1/4" of space between my heel and the boot. The back half of my foot is grazing the shell, and the toes have some room around them.


Does this give you an idea as to whether these are right?


Thanks again for all your help!

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Should have said: Mtnlion OR anyone else who feels like weighing in!

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U R fine.   ski em, enjoy em,   buy some real ski socks (that are really thin) keep the toe buckles very loose.


maybe go get the liners molded to help speed up the packout so the first few days feel better.

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Thanks so much for all your help. You're the best!

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