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soft ski boots

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has anyone use the new soft ski boots from rossignol? Im really intrested in those, right now I have these high-end salomon boots that are really stiff and it can sometimes hurt the top part of the ankle. So, im intrested in these boots, how are they performance wise? I have a really big calf, so its hard to find good ski boots. How much should i pay for them? I have seen them for sale for over 200, is that a good deal?
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Have not skied in any of the soft boots but tried them all on for at least 1/2 hr at SIA. The one with the most lateralreponse and the most comfortable seemed to be Nordicas entry, I was not as impressed with the Rossi or the rest , they were just a soft boot and were mushy.
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How much do you weigh?

Because if you're heavy like I am you can completely overpower the boot.

I tried the other brand...
not rossi... not kneissel...
I just cant recall the name.
It was comfortable, but I simply couldn't weight the ski tips at all.
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If you are just skiing recreationally a soft boot is an ideal boot for you. Although because of the huge amount of foreward flex you have to be a proficient skier with rather strong ankles to still make the skis work (so i have heard). Personally i would never ski in a soft boot because you lose all of the energy that you would normally be able to transmit to the ski through a stiff race boot. I know a lot of instructors that are using soft boots though. They say that they are very comfortable to ski in and when they are giving lessons they are ideal because they are not always skiing difficult terrain or skiing at high speeds. If i were instructing or skiing at slower speeds for some rason i would deffinitly try them out just to see, but for 'real' skiing i would never consider the boots. I prefer my (Salomon) race boots.
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I feel very strongly both ways. I think most people are in boots that are too stiff, and would better enjoy a more comfortable softer boot.
I know a lot of instructors who like the Rossi soft boot. But I also remember the late 80s when every ski patroller and instructor had red Salomon rear entries because the reps were pushing the price and comfort thing, and 2 years later nobody wanted them. I passed on the soft boots and got Atomic 9.50s, which are stiff but not quite race stiff.
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alright, thanks!

I think im going to pass on them. And try and get a more comfortable regular ski boot
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I tried the Rossi softs; I felt they were too soft and lacked precision.. any precision. I ski Flexons but that won't help you as they are so narrow; however, bootmakers are really addressing comfort these days(finally) so you should find something. My rule is that race boots are for racing. Period.
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Another "soft Boot" that will be out for the 2002/2003 season is the Dolomite C100. I have fondled it but not tried it on yet or skied in it. I have been told by those that have skied it that it is a much better boot all around than the Rossi with somewhat less volume.

It is also rumored that there is a C80 [softer yet] and a lady specific version. I have not been able to find anything about this boot on the web yet.

Is it winter yet???

Time will tell.
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Just found this board and have to put my 2 cents in. Almost all of the soft designs are designed to be used with modern skis using current technique. Meaning the ski is rolled on edge with a lateral motion, not unweighted with excessive knee flexion. Just like the first shape/sidecut/short/parabolic skis the first time on them is wierd but once most people try them they never go back. In a lot of the ski shops up here (Canada) they are sitting on all the hi-performance boots from last year because their customers all purchased soft boots. And to compare them to SX91s is a huge mistake as at the very least the soft boots available from the boot companies are based on a human foot shape.
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