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Finally, some powder!

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Lynx Trees

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I missed it frown.gif

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But, PMC, if you are out for the season as you said, you're going to HOPEFULLY miss a LOT!!  wink.gif


You're lucky you're still alive, IMO.  


Scene of PMC's downfall



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Well hopefully i don't miss tooo much. A little's fine by me, but if it magically starts dumping inches overnight i might have to suck it up and head right back up that road. Just kidding.

Looking at the chute now, i have no idea what made me think i could possibly pull off that line in these conditions. I'm lucky.

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missed it.  will try to get back but after Grindelwald, CH

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I think every powder hound in town was there today.  


A friend in Stumptown:



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