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Old Tyrolia Bindings

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Hi.  A fellow from Untracked named Adam said I should check with a fellow online here named Phil about this. I have a set of Vintage never been used, brand shinny new Tyrolia front throw release bindings and toe pieces I want to find a set of boots for. I'm looking for an old set of leather buckled size 11, but if I cant find any I'd like to know what kind (if any) alpine boot available today could work with these.  I know how to mount the bindings, and adjust the safety features... almost eloquently simple really.  I intend to use them from time to time as a kind of A/T binding on rather easy going Terrain.  Any helpful advice would be very much appreciated.



Richard Brekne

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Just in case there is any doubt as to what kind of binding I am referring too here... here is a link to a set for sale.

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$87??  WTF  And no toe piece?

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That was just a pic of the front throw bindings. The toe pieces were sold separately back in those days as several different types/makes were very compatible with the front throws.  Heck... even today its not unheard of for folks to mix and match toe and heel pieces. The toe piece I have are just very simple single ball side release. Screw on the top adjusts release tension. They are not compatable with 3 pin squared head Telemark boots. They require a rounded boot toe.

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As funny as it sounds I have pictures of my parents skiing on them and I skied on them as a kid about 4-7 years old here in Canada in the early 70's I rember the strange looks. (I think my parents had my grand parents bring me skis and boots).


Look at some of the hiking/climbing boots.  The originals in those days were basically a u shaped clamping device which held the boot with no release (unless of course the leather failed in the shoe or you stretched the cable).  If all else failed your foot came out of the boot. (god I hated skiing when I had to lace my boots as a kid, could never get them tight enough).


Take that you ALC guys hopmad.gif joke intended.


Good thing was you could unhook our cable at the back and tour up hill (similar to back country skiis now a days).


Thanks for the memories.





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I have some Old leather buckle humanic(dynafit) size 12.   would you like a pic?



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