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New member here hoping for some advice on a daily driver for the PNW. I'm 6 ft. 175 lbs. level 8-9 skier that gets in 40 days a year. I have tried the 180 Bonafide in various conditions and while I think it's very versatile, I find it tracks poorly in our heavy crud. I think the rockered tip gets pushed up and around too much when the conditions are thick. My Elan 1010 with just a hint of rocker, tracks and powers through much better but is not the best when the crud gets frozen.


I'm thinking the Nordica Enforcer might power through the mashed potatoes better but still be reasonable on hardpack and frozen mank. Basically I'm hoping it could be like my Jet Fuels with more float. Can anyone compare the Enforcer to the Bonafide for me?