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Hi All:

I am 15 years old, skiing for 5, racing for 1(plus up till the date of this year), am 5'11"/6', 150lbs.  Never really good/interested in slalom, but have been carving since I started skiing, so i find myself a good GS  I live in the midwest, so a 30 m radius ski is not an option.  Been skiing on 165 Fischer SC's radius 13 118-66-99, find them to work well but get catchy on faster courses.  I am also a new ski patroller and I think that these may become my patrol skis, so I am looking for a pair of racers.  Fischer gs/sl skis have disappeared off their site(supply shortage?), so I am looking at, Head, Blizzard, Atomic, Nordica/Dynastar/Rossignol(no preference) and Volkl.(ordered from most liked to least)  On a tight race course, my fischers work great but i am looking for a midwest gs ski so no 33m radius recommendations please.  Looking for sizing help as well.  Thanks!