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I've pretty much narrowed my choice between these two skis in size 175cm and 178cm respectively. Haven't looked at a whole lot of brands, but I feel that either of these skis will make me happy. I'm 6'0 170 and aggressive on the groomed and looking to move into the park more often. Power is non existent here in PA. I want to be able to tackle anything in the park, ride switch, butter, and still be able to tear up the groomed slopes. I want these to be my do all skis. I have a cheap pair of k2 apache 167cm skis that I ride now, but I'll probably pass them on when I get these. 


I'm thinking the Blends would be more suited towards me, but I really like the artwork on the ARV more. I'm open to suggestions of other skis. Most likely I'll be buying last year's models of either to save a little.