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3/4 footbed

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So I bought new boots this year, Dalbello's with intuition liners, and one of my worries is cold feet.  Ive skied them probably 7 times and twice my toes were numbingly cold, although I realized that as long as my feet are warm when I put the boots on they seem to stay warm.  However I haven't skied in anything under about 20 or 25 degrees yet.  I mentioned this to the person who fitted my boots, and he recommended letting him grind down/do work on the footbed (the custom cork ones) so that they are a 3/4 length of the foot to increase circulation in the toes. 


My question is do you think I need this (or should the intuitions keep in the heat as long as my feet go in warm) and will this effect the performance of the boot at all?  Unfortunately I won't have a chance to test the boots in freezing cold temps before I go back to school (far from the ski shop where I got the boots).



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personally i think a full length product works so much better in a ski boot than a 3/4 length, you need to keep control of the device inside the boot and that is difficult if it can move around inside the boot, perfectly possible to grind them thinner without cutting the front off and making them 3/4, they can be thinned down to a couple of mm thick no problem if it is that you need more space above your foot, yes this will result in warmer feet (if you need the space) but will result in slop if you do not need the space

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your local store should be able to use scissors and cut them into 3/4 if you need to?

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thanks CEM thats along the lines of what I was looking for. I love how they ski now so I think Ill leave them as is and trust my feet will stay warm with the liners

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