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flip a coin - scott missions or rossignol experience 88s

Poll Results: which skis

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    rossignol experience 88s
  • 40% (2)
    scott missions
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so this is the year i treat myself to a new pair of skis, having worn my old pair into the ground.  the trouble is, since i last bought skis, there's a whole lot of new words to describe them, and new considerations... am more or less settled on either the 2012 scott mission skis or the rossignol experience 88s... wondered if anyone had anything (good or bad) to say about either? 


am a pretty advanced skier (been skiing since i was a wee tot), looking for something to use on and off piste.


thanks in advance for your help.





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I know nothing about the Scotts.  I really liked the E88s that I demoed.  What kind of skiing do you like to do and where?

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I have an older version of the 178 Mission and have skied on it for 1.5 seasons.  I ski about 80 to 90 days per year and the Missions have been skied on at least 30 days. Note that the 2012 has a slightly different construction and is lighter, but other specs are the same.  It might be a totally different ski, but my guess is that the 2012 version is probably similar to mine 


The Mission has been a really fun ski.  The turn radius in 178 is about 14 meters, and this ski can carve small to wider arcs on groomers but is more like an SL ski.  I demoed the E88 on a cruddy day and only for a few runs.   Based on my little experience is that I believe that the E88 holds better on hard pack/icy conditions and performs a little better at speed than the Mission.  You should look at Dawg's review of the E88.  (

( http://www.epicski.com/t/108443/88mm-skis-blizzard-bushwacker-magnum-8-7-elan-apex-head-peak-90-kastle-mx88-rossi-exp-88-volkl-kendo )  On hardpack,the Mission has a good ability to vary turn radius, and is stable.  It is nimble and is a good ski for someone who likes to turn.  It is stable at speed on hardpack, but probably not as stable as the E88.


The 2010 Mission does rather well in bumps, trees and crud.  It is forgiving in bumps and the early rise responds well to an aggressive line.  It is easy to turn in the trees, and I probably ski tree runs faster on the Missions than my other skis because it is so nimble.  The Mission works quite well in bumpy crud without too much deflection and it absorbs the bumps well.   It also does surprisingly well in powder.  I had some great days last year at  Revelstoke when I forgot to take wider skis and was impressed at how well the Mission did in 12 to 20 inches.


I've come to think of the Mission as my "play ski" because it is fun to ski,is nimble and playful, and is a relaxed but able ski that does well in a variety conditions.



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thanks for the advice - much appreciated. 


i ski in europe - off to switzerland this year :-)  in terms of the type of skiing i do... it depends on where i am and what the conditions are like.  i'm keen to do more off piste, but feel that my current skis (old fashioned carvers, pretty narrow, very beat up) are holding me back a bit.  don't do much park stuff (i have the fear).  just after a fun and versatile ski. 


it's not unknown for me to ski in scotland, so something which can handle some ice wouldn't be an altogether bad thing!







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I have a pair of Missions, nothing great.  Good in soft, easy to turn in soft, ok on groomed but not great.  Got mine for cheap.

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Experience 88's are super dope.  They are great on the hard pack and do great in icy conditions as well.  The awesome thing about this ski is it has rocker in the tip and tail, not a ton but enough to get you floating on top of fresh powder as if you were riding a free-ride ski!  I love this ski it is perfect if you are out in all kinds of conditions and you are skiing 30+ times a year!


carpe diem

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