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Best way to recover after a big day of skiing

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What is the best way to recover from a big day of skiing?


What are good recovery exercises to do?


What is best for nutrition. Food to eat afterwards?


What is best to avoid?


Should I just go lay on the couch all rest of the evening after skiing all day?


Like some feedback please.

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I raced bikes for a very long time (think sprint athlete) and we would do a lot of things for recovery that I've found to translate well to recovery after skiing.  Skiing-wise, I tend to alternate between blowing off recovery (and paying the price the next day or two) or focusing on recovery and then feeling pretty good in the aftermath.

The first doesn't work well for everyone (allergies, etc), but pounding down a pre-made 8 ouncer of Muscle-Milk (available in convenience stores) can drastically help if you get one on the ride home from the mountain.  


There's no substitute for diet though, and a balanced one is always a great idea.  Stay hydrated, don't eat a lot of crap, and the rest will take care of itself.  Eat a banana or two also.

I've got buddies that swear by ice baths, but I'm all set with that.  Not going to dip the boys in ice water after recreational skiing.

If you're "feeling the burn" on the mountain, take a break and walk/shake it off.  Breathe deeply.  The burn is lactic acid.  It builds in your muscles as your fitness (heart/lungs/blood oxygenation capacity) diminishes.  If it's left to hang out in there, it works against you.  Walking it of while focusing on your breathing helps to flush it out.  

Rule of thumb: if you're in pain, don't exercise again until it's gone.  



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It is easy to become dehydrated when skiing - make sure to drink during and after skiing.  Re-hydrating is probably the #1 most important thing to do.   Alcohol in excess is not good for hydration. 


Diet is also important.  Eat a good meal or snack with complex carbs and a little protein within a half hour of your last run.  Probably good to avoid processed sugars and fats, as well as a huge amount of protein (e.g., a big steak).


I always stretch during evenings and I use a roller on thighs, gluts, and IT band areas of my legs.


A massage can help.


Don't lay on the couch all evening - move about, take a walk, stretch.





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I find the exercise bike is great.  Set the tension enough so you are not "free spinning" but not so much that it is a work out.  Basically I find it works as a great way to flush the lactic acid out.  20 to 40 min. 

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Get a good night's sleep.  If you plan to ski the next day, keep that in mind so that you don't overdo it unless you are well into the season.  

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Hydrate, eat well, take a nice hot bath, and seriously/importantly, take a walk before you go to bed. If you still feel bad in the morning, drop an Alleve or Advil.

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Well, when the ski day is done, it's always good to go have a couple of beers with your skiing buds at a good local bar, play some pool, just relax. Then go straight home to the hot tub, getting to sleep early so you'll have plenty of energy for tomorrow's big day of skiing.

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Hot shower. Cold Tecate.  At the same time.

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This is a family-friendly website, right?


In that case, I'll just say light to moderate exercise.

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2XU compression recovery tights, water, and an early night.

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thanks, that really helped. ill try that after skiing today. :yahoo:

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try 2-3 extra strength Calcium/magnesium pills. you can get them at any heath store cheaply.  It works well. Second the advice on recovery drinks, lots of water and good night sleep, stretching and light exercise.I also take glutamine and creatine regularly.  Sorry but alcohol is a really bad idea.  Will actually make matters worse. 

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Hot tub and whiskey.

Rinse. Repeat.
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Thumbs Up


Good and beer lots of beer very important to forget that:D

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