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Travelling to Zurich for a week, need some advice on where to go!

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I have an incredible opportunity.  My wife has to go to Zurich for a week on January 30th and I get to tag along and ski all week.  I am looking for advice on good resorts that I can day trip to from Zurich.  I have been doing some reading and research and this forum seems to be the best place to get good, positive feedback.  I have been skiing all my life and lived in Utah for 4 years so I am a pretty decent skier.  Here are some questions I have:


* Should I rent a car to to the day trips or can I take trains/shuttles to most of the resorts? 

* Should I rent my skiis in Zurich, or do most of the resorts have shops to do this.  I have decided against taking my own skiis.  Extra bag charges are to much.  Any good ski shops to recommend in Zurich?

* What are the top resorts around Zurich?  I have been all over J2ski website, but looking for some other opinions from locals or people who have skiid around Zurich.


Any and all opinions are appreciated!




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Can't help you with all your questions but; 


Engelberg/Titlis is 1h17m (by car) away. 

Andermatt 1h23m. 


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I personally prefer www.bergfex.com over J2ski when locating ski resorts.


Whether to rent a car depends on how much you're willing to spend for a little more flexibility.


From Zurich on public transport, Engelberg is about 2 hours (and well worth it). Not sure if anything good is closer. How far to Hasliberg?


Andermatt is within striking distance and certainly warrents a visit. Klosters might also be doable.


www.sbb.ch is the site for trains and post buses.


No idea about rentals in Zurich, but most resorts have good rental shops.

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How much is the extra bag charge for your skis, R/T? As you probably know the Swiss Franc is fairly strong against the Euro. That being said, Engleberg, Flumserberg, and Arosa would be good bets near Zurich. I wouldn't waste money with a car rental. Swiss public transit is very good. Have fun where ever you end up skiing. Report back, and make us all jealous about your piste adventures, and fondue/raclette tastings!

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Trainstation at Engelberg is end of line station and stops in middle of this little village. You can buy your liftpas at the station! From there you can hop on the (probably free or included into skipasses) skibus which will bring you to the nearest lift. Just follow the others hauling skis/boards :-)

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I lived in Zurich for 4 years...best that are all within a couple hours are: Klosters, Davos, Andermatt and Engleberg. All amazing but for me, Davos and Klosters best.

On car rental vs train, train service in switzerland is amazing, so no issues there, just sometimes easier not to be beholden to the train schedules. It was always more fun for me to drive vs train, but easy enough to do either and I believe all resorts have direct or close to direct trains to/from Zurich's main train station. Also get a weekly pass if available.

If you are going to ski all week, consider buying vs renting...ski gear is generally cheaper in Switzerland and a week of rentals will cost you plenty. Would be a nice little souvenir to bring home a pair of Stockli skis:)
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Just to add what to what the others have posted. The train from Zurich to Vienna stops in St. Anton along the way (about 2:15 total for the the journey). A lot of people from Zurich do day trips there on the weekend, all geared up and walking straight to the lifts from the train.


It's not as close as the other resorts mentioned above, but it's worth considering.

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Thanks for the great feedback everyone.  This is what I am planning as of now.  We get to Zurich on Sunday Jan 29th around 12:00.  On Monday I'm going to take a train to Flumserberg and skiing all day there. On Tuesday, we are taking a train to Lucerne where we will stay Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  On Wednesday or Thursday I plan on skiing at Sorenberg.  I am still trying to find another place to go on the other day.  On Friday, we are traveling to Engelberg where we will stay Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  So really right now I only have one more day to plan for when I am in Lucerne.  Any suggestions?

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I think Davos is a must, it's easy to get to and a great resort! However if you really want to see a great, classic resort, from Lucerne, you're only an hour and a half drive to Gstaad! Just remember to pronounce it Sh-todd, while apparently both "Gu-stodd" and "Sh-todd" are acceptable, the people that live there say "Sh-todd" and they say it quickly. My sister went to Institut Le Rosey, a Swiss boarding school in Gstaad, for high school, and this comes from her directly. I visited her while in my 2nd year of college, and the town was a blast, expensive, but amazing! The skiing is truly outstanding and this is a great place to check off your list on a trip like you have planned, as it's very expensive to stay in Gstaad.


Have fun on your trip wherever you make it to! I myself will me in Megeve and Chamonix France that week!


Good Skiing,



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If you don't go to Gstaad, just shoot yourself now:D

As I indicated earlier, I lived in zurich and had a buddy with a place in Gstaad, so went there about once a month or so. It is ski heaven. Make sure you follow up your après skiing with some fondue and stay overnight if you can swing it
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So I got back from my week in Switzerland and had a great time.  We spent 2 days in Zurich where I skiid at Flumserberg.  Unfortunately it was very foggy that day and visibility was about 10 ft all day.  I couldn't really get a good feeling of the resort because I couldn't see anything, but overall it was good.  We went to Lucerne for 3 days where I skiid at Melchsee Frut.  A very good smaller resort.  We were above the clouds all day and it was beautiful.  I went to Sorenberg the next day and loved it.  Great ski rental shop right where the bus drops you off.  Took the large gondola to the top and basically had the whole top of the mountain to myself, it was incredible.  We then went to Engerberg for three days where we skiid at Engleberg Titlis.  Also a great area, beautiful city with a beautiful view and solid skiing.  Overall it was a fantastic trip and I really appreciate the feedback on this site.  I found the public transportation the way to go and everyone in Switzerland to be friendly and helpful.  Would recommend it to anyone. 

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I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to my native country :D


If you ever get a chance to go back, I would recommend to dig deeper into the alps to get to areas like Saas-Fee/Zermatt and St. Mortiz. But with just one week I can see how it would have been hard to hit all these places.

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Yes, the Swiss, know how to live. I would go back more often if, A) I had more money, and B) if I had more time!

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I'm fortunate to have a good friend with a chalet at Wengen who allows me to come ski with him whenever my wife allows it.  I was able to go ski with him in January for 8 days and also see the Lauberhorn Downhill Race for the first time, and I am returning for 4 more days in March.  I'm glad that the Swiss allow senior citizens who reach the ripe old age of 70 to purchase the senior pass in the season that you reach 70 instead of having to be already 70.

Skiing the Jungfrau region is awesome.  Especially doing the James Bond run from the top of the Schilthorn on a sunny morning, or sking under the shadow of the north face of the Eiger.


The Swiss train system is awesome, and checking my ski gear in Seattle direct through to Wengen is very convenient.


Now all I need to do is convince my host to try some other areas and to convince my wife that I need to spend a whole month in Switzerland. :D

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