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By popular demand: Praxis "WooTest"

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Praxis is about to start production on a pretty cool looking ski. Literally created  by "popular demand". It is a skinnier - by 15mm - version of the ProTest. I'm pretty stoked about it. It looks like it'll fill a unique niche for skinning. A number of folks are thinking it could be a hit for soft & mixed inbounds days as well. It looks to be both light and durable (check out reviews on the Praxis BC for perspective on that). 


As both a Praxis fan and fat rockered reverse-camber-ish ski fan, I tend to like skis of the ProTest or Powder Board genre for really good days. But for schlepping skis uphill on your feet, weight matters. The cantilevering effect of really fat boards while side-hilling under less than ideal conditions is hard to deny. And width can be an issue on more mixed days. Knocking 15mm off the width of the ProTest looks like it should result in a really, really nice ski. And take the weight into a comfortable skinning range.


Since it is not part of the standard lineup, Praxis is taking orders for the next little bit & will then be building them later this month.


Praxis' info on the ski, and ordering info is here: http://www.praxisskis.com/shop/buy-skis.html?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=21&category_id=3


The detailed spec PDF is here: http://www.praxisskis.com/shop/images/PDF/wootest_product_data.pdf


Lots of interesting info and history are here:






There's a reason this is here rather than the BC forum. Namely because it looks like it may well be a pretty cool inbounds soft snow ski too. And the whole story is a generally interesting gear discussion...


Clearly there is energy around this at TGR. What do folks here think? 


(Pay close attention to the discount code in the Blister Gear article. Although I think the code EPIC still works for 10% off too)

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I'm very curious to hear feedback on these once produced.  I like the thought process behind it for sure.

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Do you know if they will be at Snowbasin on Feb 15 with demos?  I'd love to try out that ski.

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That Blister article/s are good for getting the design idea. So is the beginning of the tgr thread.



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Originally Posted by Bob Peters View Post

Do you know if they will be at Snowbasin on Feb 15 with demos?  I'd love to try out that ski.


I don't know for sure, but I'd imagine not - as they do not sell through a standard retail channel.


One of the things I like about this idea is that it will hopefully bridge a couple worlds for me.  I really like super loose skis in soft snow. If it is deep or slush or corn, I'm all about really fat surfy skis. When I first started skinning a few years ago, I put AT bindings on some pretty fat (and heavy) skis as I felt it was "all about the down" for me. While that is true enough, I'm not young and I'm no athlete. I'm also not a day in day out skinner - more a spring "get out and play" type.  And before the down there is the up - and some of the stuff I mentioned is inescapable. I eventually settled on the Praxis BC as an awesome touring and "do it all" class ski - I think it is truly awesome. But there are days something a bit slarvier would have me seriously stoked. At least if I did not have to sacrifice anything at all on the "up", and it was still good in crap & mixed conditions. Hopefully this offers that option. Fingers crossed for a cool experiment in crowd sourcing...



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This video was posted over in the TGR thread. Pretty cool that the ski went from crowd-sourced concept (based on an existing model) to orders to production to a video of a customer skiing it - in Europe I believe - in roughly two months.



It'll probably be a couple weeks before I can get mine mounted & ski them. But I am stoked. One of my kids is doing some skinning on a pair this weekend. But given the snowpack in CO, I expect there will not be much, if any,  actual skiing....

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