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No problem with wind getting under the visor at high speeds -- it doesn't seem to happen. I've never tried skiing with the visor up since I'm wearing glasses, but my guess is it wouldn't cause any problems either -- the visor stays pretty close to the helmet in the up position. As I mentioned before there's no chance of it falling off the back of your helmet like goggles wold if you left them up on the helmet. 


@comprex -- yeah, I've got that logo-clash thing going on. Been trying out my new Patagonia Powder Bowl jacket (insulated version) too. Maybe the subject of a future review!


Just so nobody gets the idea I'm a brand snob I've also been trying out my $60-on-sale EMS ski pants, which I like a lot too! 

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Minor question - I like this helmet and have tried it on in stores.  My concern was that it felt like the stiff visor might cause an injury on the lower face if you were in a bad fall.  Any concern here?  

PS:   I concede to hecklers that all comments about "just avoid a face plant" are valid....... 

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Originally Posted by steve06877 View Post

Minor question - I like this helmet and have tried it on in stores.  My concern was that it felt like the stiff visor might cause an injury on the lower face if you were in a bad fall.  Any concern here?  

PS:   I concede to hecklers that all comments about "just avoid a face plant" are valid....... 

Thats a valid point, didnt even think of that.   Surprising since I have been a victim of facial lacerations from my Uvex goggles freezing and cracking, cutting my face pretty good.

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I'll let you know what happens if I ever crash! Seriously, though, Osbe has been making motorsports helmets for a long time so I'd guess the visor could be made of Lexan or some similar non-shattering plastic. You could probably email the American distributor and ask -- <> -- I haven't dealt with them but I hear they're pretty helpful. It is thicker than a goggle lens and seems to be high-quality -- no distortion at all. Also, the air-dam along the inside bottom is made of foam rubber at least 1/2" thick so it seems like it would keep the plastic edge of the visor from being pressed into your face. 

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Well...after around 40 days at the mountain i can give you my on hand experience with this product.


Out of the box the helmet is prestine, nice look and pleasant design, on the mountain this is what i experienced : I ski on the Canadian est coast (no orographic effect and very cold), because we have to wear balaclava the hot air produced by the head has a difficult time escaping from the vent holes on the top and the sides of the helmet, the cold air coming in from both opening on the side (not underneath) of the visor gets traped and fogging occurs quickly, from interm to advance skiers speed on the slope will creat turbulence incoming from those opening which will also result in watering eyes.


The helmet is warm, light and confortable but on very cold day you can hear crack noise from plastic expension (lol), the satin look on my pearl helmet shows wears and on the back of the helmet where the insulation meet the plastic the joint has started to spread, probably because the soldered joint cant sustain the cold-heat expension stress.


Naturally, by removing the visor and it mechanism you risk losing some of the screws and washers essentials for the proper functionning of the visors (not teenage proof)... well i am not a teenage but i lost one of those parts and I had to order a full set of srews ans washers at 40$ plus ship and handling and the manufacturer after 3 full weeks hasnt been able to provide the pieces to the ski store...oh and one ear piece also felt off the helmet, but i decided not to order another set of plastic plugs at 60$ set I believe.


I gave the helmet to my wife, it will fit her well for the warmer incoming days at the mountain (around 0C) and it gives me some free points on my '' beernight with the boys card''.


Dont rest your buying decision on bad or good comments on this product, my advise would be to try it first, this  helmet might not be for you !!!


Bon ski !





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Been seeing many of these helmets at Hunter this season.

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Yeah, I was at Hunter a couple of weeks ago and I wound up on a chair with a guy wearing an Osbe. It was funny that we were on the same chair as he was the first person I've run into with an Osbe helmet.


At this point I'm pretty happy with it, and I've even stopped keeping my older Giro helmet in the trunk as a backup.


@larosej: I wonder if you got stuck with a defective helmet -- a ski helmet by definition should be able to stand cold temps! Have you contacted Osbe about the cracking?  

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Hi, there, 

hopefully somebody will check this thread after such a long non-posting period. I'm also interested in this helmet. I'm not from USA, nor from Europe. I don't have an opportunity to try it on first, so it's one way ticket for me. My concern right now is the sizing (according to some forums on the Internet it is a bit tight than shown on sizing chart). Moreover , I never wore a helmet before and don't now my true size. it's 59.7 roughly 23.5" as measured. Should I order an XL or rather go for L? 

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Hi -- I'd be a little hesitant to order anything I couldn't try on first or at least return -- fit can be a very individual thing. That said, as I mentioned in my original post my head measures the same as yours (23.5 inches) and although i usually wear a large with Osbe I found that a large is definitely too tight while an extra large fits fine. Good luck!

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hi, thank you for the ifno ; ) i have no choice, in my case the only thing i can do is to order with fingers crossed. hopefully an XL appears to be the right size for me. But anyway I won't end up with the unnecessary helmet, my brother has slightly bigger head than mine :rolleyes

When I get hold of it, i'll provide pictures and my feelings regarding the fit :popcorn 

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Osbe repair:


If you break the visor, you'll pay at least $100 for a new one from Osbe. But if you lose the pivot hardware, it's not so bad. One of my pivot screws loosened and fell off when I was skiing moguls, which leaves the visor flapping back and forth in front of your face.  I should have put thread-lock on the screws as soon as I took the helmet out of the box -- and you should too.


Osbe wants $40 for the hardware set, which is ridiculous for an aluminum flange screw, a nylon washer and a polyethylene latch. The polyethylene latch can't be replaced at a hardware store, but fortunately it only comes loose if you pry it out. 


The flange screw and nylon washer are easily and cheaply replaced. Get a metric cap screw (M6x1.0, 16mm long), a 1.5-inch rubber or neoprene washer and a 1.25-inch fender washer with a 1/4 inch hole if you can't find an M6 washer big enough. Should cost about $3.50 total for both sides. If you want something better looking, buy stainless or chrome screws and washers for a few bucks more. Black chrome closely matches the color of the original visor.


Goes together like this: 


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