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Osbe ski helmet

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As someone who can't function without glasses and is contact lens-phobic (not gonna stick anything in my eye on purpose!) I'm always interested in new ways to keep glasses from fogging up. I tend to overheat easily (so the insides of goggles get a bit steamy) so tricks like rubbing a dry bar of soap onto the lenses then polishing it off just don't work for long. So it was with great interest that I read about the Osbe Proton Senior. This helmet features an integral visor that can pivot up out of the way or down to cover your face from the cheeks up. Since it pivots, the visor does not actually contact your face to form a seal like a typical goggle. There is an "air dam" of foam rubber on the inside lower edge to minimize the gap, but still a small amount of air can circulate through the inside of the visor. This is necessary to continually clear away any buildup of humidity. 


After trying one out for a few days skiing in pretty cold conditions (temps in the teens) at Whiteface Mountain I have to say I am very happy with this system! There are some definite advantages:


-Most important for me, no fogging of my glasses at all! Some people have said they need to breathe only through their mouthes with this since if they breathe through their nose it can cause some fogging, but I never had that problem. Once or twice on the chair if the wind was blowing from a certain angle it would happen a tiny bit, but there was never a problem while actually skiing.


-No pressure! Not pressing my glasses into my face, no glasses coming partly off when removing goggles. Also no pressure on the bridge of my nose so breathing was a little easier.


-Panoramic view: I had a greatly increased field of view since my face wasn't framed in by goggles.


-It's also a little more convenient to simply flip the visor up and not worry about goggles falling off the back of my helmet. At times I've also been concerned about the goggle strap breaking when stretched tightly over a helmet. 


The only negative things I can report are:


-For the first chair of the day, my eyes will tear up a lot from the cold air circulating under the visor. At first I thought this was going to be a big problem, but I found it was just a brief period of adjustment -- once I took off on the first run, no more tearing for the rest of the rest of the day.


-Size: Maybe since this is European-designed the sizing seems to run small. I've always worn a large in bike and ski helmets (Bell, Giro etc.), but the sizing chart  on the Osbe website indicated I should wear a medium (my head is about 23-1/2" around). I ordered a large anyway and it was definitely too tight, so I ended up with an XL, which fits fine. 


-Looks: It does look noticeably different. It tended to start a lot of conversations on the chair, or at least draw comments. Some people have said they think it looks odd (I've read comments online; no one told me to my face!) . For me, I'm 55 and I couldn't care less at this point in my life if it looks a little dorky. To be able to see clearly at all times (and not worry about the battery in my OTG Turbo fan goggles dying) is all that matters. If I make someone smile, hey, what's bad about that?


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I am also using one and concur with the comments above.  Works great for me.


When I was considering ordering one I asked my 14 year daughter for her style coordinator opinion and her comment was " you'll look like a geek, Dad ".  Oh well, at least it works

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Nice review, good job.  Any pictures or links?  See you can post a good helmet thread.  icon14.gif

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Finndog -- might as well model it myself! I should also mention it comes with 2 visors: smoke and orange. Maybe the smoke visor will look cooler? Mirror and clear are also available.


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Here's one of the Olympic collection.




Can you ski it with the visor up?



I think for smoking, the visor should be up.

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I didn't try skiing with the visor up but I don't think it would be a problem. The visor is pretty sleek and solidly attached. it might catch a little air but seems like it would be okay. As for smoking, not being a smoker I don't know if smoke wold get up inside, but it's easy enough to flip it up out of the way. 


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Nice review!  If ever you happen to be in Salt Lake, and need eyeglass lenses that are about as close to fog-proof as I've ever seen in 20 years as an optician, look me up.  I'm curious as the area over the nose bridge looks like it might compromise vision down, straight on.  You've got amazing upward visibility of course.  Can you offer any idea how easy it is to change that visor when the light changes?  Also, how is the warmth overall, and the venting?  Is that at all adjustable?





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Does Osbe have any helmets that do not cover the ears? I kind of like the visor but not the overall size of the helmet. 

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I skied with someone at Big Sky a few weeks ago who had one of these and I was seriously considering it until I replaced my Smith OTG goggles with Bolle OTG.  Problems of glasses fogging and inhibited breathing were immediately fixed.  The Bolles fit over my glasses without any messing around and the glasses stay in place when I take off the goggles.  If I needed a new helmet, I would probably have bought one of these but my helmet fits well and is still in good shape.

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@ Uillean, thanks for the offer -- I'll keep it in mind. Vision straight down is okay, but because of the slight gap between your face and the visor there's a strip of unfiltered & therefore different-colored daylight coming in, which after a bit can just be ignored. Overall, the field of view is pretty unrestricted which to me is one of the big advantages of this helmet.The field of vision definitely extends over an area greater than what my glasses allow anyway.  Changing visors is easy -- at each pivot point a flat aluminum knob unscrews to release the visor. There's a 1" plastic washer you have to be careful not to lose but other than that it's pretty simple. Warmth is fine, venting minimal & not adjustable. This helmet may prove to be a bit warm in milder conditions; I'll have to see.


@ Skinnydog, as far as I know Osbe only has one basic helmet design so far, and it covers the ears. I think Osbe has been making motorcycle helmets & has only recently got into making ski helmets. Maybe they'll eventually introduce more models. 

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Skiing with the visor up is no problem.


Lens change is about a minute after you do it a couple of times, as long as you don't drop any pieces.  Best done inside or on a table.

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How's the hearing in this helmet? Maybe compare it to another.

Some helmets reduce the sound a lot. Others the hearing is pretty good.


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Hearing is fine for me working on the hill as an instructor, previous helmet was a Giro G-9.

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I can hear fine -- the plastic shell does come down over the ears but has openings. My previous helmet was a Giro Seam, which is cut away so the shell does not cover the ears. Maybe the Osbe offers more protection? 

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interesting design. I like it but I certainly wonder about how easy those lens would scratch in the trees and if branches would unlatch the visor. For frontside skiing it could be a great product. 

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The visor is attached to the helmet with what are essentially two large bolts, so I don't think it would come off. It may turn out to be vulnerable to scratching, though, given its large size. Also, while it is easy to change visors, they are large enough that you'd have to leave the spare visor in your bag at the lodge unless you carry it in a backpack. One thing about skiing trees is the much wider field of vision could be a big help. If the visor gets beat up eventually you can always buy a replacement if you don't mind handing over $70. 


I want to emphasize that for me it's all about keeping my glasses fog-free. If I didn't wear glasses I don't think I'd go for this helmet.

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Originally Posted by MC Ski View Post
...I want to emphasize that for me it's all about keeping my glasses fog-free. If I didn't wear glasses I don't think I'd go for this helmet....

I'm telling ya Man - I can completely and totally help you with that - skiing/fancy helmets/temperature/humidity issues aside!  I've done a few Rx goggles this season already with this new lens, and it is as fog-proof as I've ever seen anything be in over twenty years making Rx lenses and sport eyewear.  I'll get you all set your next vacation to Utah.  smile.gif

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Alright, I will remember that for next time I'm out that way!

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I didn't think of the OTG application. that's pretty cool

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I like the helmet pretty much but the visor doesnt do the job for me, skiing in the Eastern part of Canada in -10 to -20 C, the visor is taking to much air intake and fogginging occurs instantly while going down the slop :(


Personnaly I would buy the helmet again regardless of the viser.

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is the goggle a double walled lens?

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The visor is single-walled -- since it's not sealed to your face like a true goggle but open at the bottom to allow a certain amount of air circulation I guess double-walled is not necessary. It is of very good quality optically, though -- distortion-free.


@larosej, the coldest temps I've tried mine in so far are around 15F & I had no problems. I'll be at Stratton (southern VT) next week -- I'll post more comments as I try it out more. One thing I'm curious about is what happens when skiing when it's snowing. I wonder if any flakes will get up inside the visor.


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I think they need to re-sdeign a bit if they want to take this to a wider range of skier.

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MC.....for the question if the visors is taking flakes....mine does.


More comments will be usefull, especially from the people that have no problem with this helmet.



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I was given an Osbe helmet as a holiday gift and I have used it twice. The helmet is a large and it is well made and fits a bit snugger than my Smith Helmet.  I have used it twice.  Once on a snowy day and once on a cold day. No fogging or snow inside the visor and the helmet kept my head pretty warm.  The visors are very simple and quick to remove.


But,  the fit of my Smith helmet is more comfortable on my head, so if an Epic Ski member wants a great deal on the Osbe helmet, please send me a PM.



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Originally Posted by skinnydog View Post

Does Osbe have any helmets that do not cover the ears? I kind of like the visor but not the overall size of the helmet. 

Certainly it has. But the Proton, that's the helmet with the visor model name -it's been around for awhile here at least as far back as 2004- is the only one with a visor "helicopter pilot like" their production.
Check ouy their site (it's easy, search for "osbe"...the first hit it's theirs, then go to "Caschi" (it's written in white on gray background") then choose the thumbnail with the girl below the word "ski" (there's an Union Jack on the side to switch to the English speaking version of the site but it does not look it's working...). You'll se the full ski helmet line.
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Well, back from Mount Snow and Stratton. Did not get to try the helmet while it was snowing, but instead while it was first incredibly foggy, then pouring rain (@$#%&@&!!! the east!!!).

I only did a couple of runs after it started pouring (I was with my snow-snob daughter who lives in Montana) but as far as I could tell no rain got up into the visor. Earlier in the day, when it was just fog, I found that the visor AND my glasses fogged up in the gondola. In fairness, it was really humid in there and probably nothing would have prevented the fogging. Anyway, as soon as I stepped out it started clearing & by the time I took off down the run everything had cleared up. That was the only problem of the day.

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How is the wind in your eyes at high speeds?   

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 Honestly, Patagonia is stealing Osbe's show.

Originally Posted by MC Ski View Post



Finndog -- might as well model it myself! I should also mention it comes with 2 visors: smoke and orange. Maybe the smoke visor will look cooler? Mirror and clear are also available.



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How about a photo of the visor up?

I would think you are pretty much forced to ski with it down all the time.

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