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Salomon Impact 120 - shell crack on 1st day skiing

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  Hi, I am new to this forum, and look forward to participating. I tried posting earlier but didn't see the thread start. My apologies if this post becomes a duplicate thread.

I purchased new Salomon Impact 120 boots (2012 model, size 28.5) last week, and the shell on the right boot cracked (see picture below) after skiing on them for 2 hours. I am 6'2", 200lbs, and have been skiing for 30 years. I do ski aggressively, but the disconcerting thing, I was only at a local small ski hill trying the boots out for the first time, and skied for only 2 hours when the crack occurred. Temp was in the low 30's, conditions were granular and choppy in sections. I do recall at one point something funky happened on a choppy section of granular/ice while turning aggressively, that's probably when the shell cracked, but it was night skiing and I didn't notice the crack in the shell while on the hill.

The ski shop indicated the crack must have been due to a manufacturing defect. The ski shop was willing to put me in another boot, but I took home a new replacement pair of the same boots as it was late in the day and I had spent considerable time fitting boots and selecting this model. I do like the fit of these boots, but must say I am now concerned with strength and longevity expectations for this make/model.

I have had some bad spills before and have never cracked a boot shell before. Is attributing this failure to a manufacturing defect a fair assessment? Do Salomon boots (or this model) have a historically high occurrence of cracked shells?

Due to work obligations, my next change to hit the hill will be on Friday. I need to decide if I stick with this boot, or go back to the shop and spend time fitting into an alternative that potentially doesn't fit as well. I am trying to find a balance between the old hard narrow racing inspired shells I used to ski, and something with some comfort and decent control. This boot seemed a good compromise.

Any and all recommendations welcome. Thanks!


Salomon Impact 120 Cracked Shell.jpg

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first time i have ever seen that, seen plenty of shells form various brands crack, but not like that on a boot so new, i would think it was just a bad one and you shouldn't have problems with any future pair of the same model (of course you can never be sure)

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Thanks for your response, I am hopefull these boots hold up.

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