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I just purchased a pair of Fischer Watea 114s.  I am looking at getting bindings for them, but these are my first powder skis and I need some help.  I am on evo and looking at the Dynastar PX 12s.  They have a 100mm brake and are demo bindings.  Will demo bindings make a difference and will I be able to adjust the brake to fit my wider ski?  My other, more expensive option, is the Marker 12.0 free ski binding with a 110mm brake?  Can I make the Dynastars work or should I shell out for the Markers with the larger brake?


Also, it might be relevent that I am an accomplished skier on all terrain.  I ski steeps, powder trees, moguls, hikeable backcountry, you name it.  I am also getting into smaller drops hoping to increase the size.


Thanks for the input!