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Originally Posted by Vitamin Ski View Post

OMFG guys... why don't we live and let live.  Jeez, I do on the hill what makes me happy.  What makes me happy is feeling g-forces on groomed terrain.


I don't give a crap what anybody thinks about that, because I go to have fun.


I have some pretty gnarly runs on my resume.  For now, I'm trying to ski what I want to ski.  




It's just like music or anything else... to each their own.




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VS, of course you're totally allowed to enjoy whatever you like--I don't think anyone said otherwise. I was just explaining the meme, though the meme may have already been self-evident.

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You're only allowed to have fun if you do it our way!!! hopmad.gif



You want G-forces? Fair enough. You need trails that are:



Rollover-less (or ones you can see & ski around without braking) 

Wide wide wide

Long long long

Varying in steepness, to suit mood, skills and snow conditions

UNCROWDED (so you can rip without killing somone)


I've skied every major resort in VT and ME (except Jay). IMO, no NE mountain has a better mix of those features than Sugarloaf ME. Frankly, no NE mountain comes close.


The 2800' vertical can be skied non-stop. There are no plateaus, it's a big mountain that skis big. There are wide groomers from green to blue to black to yikes! REALLY wide, Sugarloaf's wider trails dwarf most others in the East and they go on forever. It's never crowded. Mid-week I've skied straight through more lift mazes than I've ever waited in. The trails can feel deserted, I've logged many runs without crossing paths with another skier.


The front side is neatly progressive in a way few mountains are. Several continuous runs start off uber steep at the top, then mellow to just steep, then to blue, then to a nicely pitched green - groomed and wide all the way. Further, the lifts are laid out to take advantage. Ski any steepness you like, avoid whatever you don't. Want to yo-yo the steeps? The blues? The greens? Steeps + blues? Blues + greens? The whole huge thing? No problem. The chairs let you choose.


The right side (looking up) has a steady blue-green pitch from summit to base and it's always groomed. Let 'em fly without fear for 2800' non-stop, make any size turns you want, by the time you finally reach bottom you'll feel like you've skied 50 miles.


On-mountain lodging and dining are very good, as is the ski shop. They'd better be, because there's NOTHING off mountain. Non-skiers die of boredom so that's one negative. Another is distance, it's a 7-8 hour drive from central CT in good weather. And it can be COLD. Bring every warm thing you own, it might be enough.



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