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Snow Car?

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I know this is a stretch, but is anyone selling their newish (2004-2007) low mileage (<75000) Subaru near the Tahoe area?

Extra points for manual transmission Legacy's and Impreza's, Extra, Extra points for cars that have snow tires. Extra, Extra, Extra points for being nearby or just happening to be visiting Truckee.


I've already scoured Craigslist and pretty much wanna kill this "Craig" fellow.


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Have you tried

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I agree is awesome found my last 2 vehicles on that site.


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A ski instructor friend is selling hers, but it has like 130K on it. It's a legacy or outback wagon with two sets of tires. If that is interesting, let me know and I'll put you in touch. I didn't pay attention to year on her fb post, but I think she's asking $4500 or so.

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