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Lost with buying my ski's

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Hi Guys, 

So I'm looking for some advise on what ski's to buy! 

I have been skiing about 3 times now and I'm a pretty good piste skier but I'm looking to get into some freestyle and possible have some fun in the board park but I'm not sure how easy i will take to it just yet as i know no one who does it that i can learn from or would be interested in learning it with me but here is my problem. 

I have just bough the Nordica XBI CT+ from snow and rock which is just a piste ski.  I have 28days in which i can return these for a full refund.

I had a look at some Semi Twins but wasn't sure if they were worth getting hold of. What would you recommend as an all round ski that would allow me to begin to get into freestyle skiing and learning some tricks to head into the board park. 

The reason i want all round ski's is because i do no know anyone that does freestyle i end up going skiing with the family and therefore will be doing quite a lot of normal piste skiing and i have been told twin tips are normally like a noodle on piste.(As advised in snow and rock).


I will be learning to snowboard at some point and im not sure if its recommended i just use snowbarding as my freestyle stuff rather than having ski's to do it aswell but this will be in the future as i can currently snowboard.


I have been thinking about this for about 2 weeks now and have no idea if i should stay with my Nordica piste skis which look really cool or take them back and buy a set of twin tips......


Could anyone help me with this problem????


I go skiing in 2 weeks from today and have already cancelled my ski hire so i need to have a set of ski's to take with me but im just not sure which ones to go with.


Ski's and boots shown below:






And my stats incase there needed are as bewlow:


Height: 6ft

Weight: 10-11st

Ski Size: 170cm



Any help is much appreciate. 


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Your boots are too big. Seriously, if you didn't get fitted by a competent boot fitter your boots are at least one size and maybe two sizes too big. If your boots are too big you cannot control your skis. Go to the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum and read the wikis about fitting and terminology. Then check the "Who's Who" to see who might be near you. You're in GB right? We have at least one fitter who participates here on a regular basis. Call him and make an appointment.


BTW, if you have only been skiing three times you have a long way to go before you need to worry about freestyle and tricks in the park.  Learn solid technique first because without it you can do some serious damage to yourself.

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If I remember correctly after he got tons of "get properly fitted boots" answers on another forum he told he was fitted for his current boots.

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IMHO, you've only been skiing 3 times and the ski you've already got is a good one for you to improve your skills with. 


If you get into freestyle, it won't be too difficult to add to your quiver and have skis for more than one purpose.  

Don't sweat the stuff you already purchased and go have some fun!!

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Originally Posted by Skise View Post

If I remember correctly after he got tons of "get properly fitted boots" answers on another forum he told he was fitted for his current boots.


I don't think so.  This is his/her first and only post at Epic.


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Originally Posted by mtcyclist View Post



I don't think so.  This is his/her first and only post at Epic.


I'm pretty sure the oddly-formatted text in the OP was copy-pasted from another Internet forum.  But I will reiterate the advice about getting properly-fitted boots.  Spend money on those first.


Those Nordica skis are PLENTY for a beginning skier.  You certainly won't outgrow them anytime soon.


What I recommend to people who want to learn park stuff is to buy a cheap pair of twin-tips and just use those for the terrain park.  You will likely wreck the edges of your skis on boxes and rails, so you might as well wreck something cheap.  And unless you're doing crazy jumps or something, you don't really need anything fancy.


Depending on where you go, you may be able to get park-specific lessons as well.

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