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About me: 

CSIA level 2 instructor (around "level 8")

6', 160lbs

Historically a moderate speed skier, previously on Peak 82s, Dynastar Contact Cross TIs


Tech details: 

165cm, 13m turn radius, 65cm waist


These skis rip on hardpack! I've had two days on them so far, including one CSIA tune-up day. Initially I found the ski far more demanding than both my other dynastars and peak 82s. This ski didn't like to stay flat, and I had a hard time pivoting a turn. It was, quite clearly, more stable than any other ski I've been on at speeds. At first I thought I had purchased more ski than I could handle. 


On my second day, after finding this ski's sweet spot, my impression completely changed. Once you dial in your balance, this ski is a blast. I've never banged out short radius turns with so much rebound. They absolutely flow from turn to turn on hardpack and ice. I'm confident this ski will hold an edge early in the turn--which I can't say about any other ski I've owned. They're so stable that, combined with all of the above, I ski these nearly twice the speed of any previous pair I've owned - and have full confidence in my safety. 


By the afternoon, the previously firm runs had turned into a slushy bump wonderland. The Omeglass WCs just sliced through bumps like a hot knife in butter. Stable and predictable. I'd say it's a 95% pisted ski that still works on a slushy day. I suspect they're the wrong choice for powder or intense off piste. 


Backseat bandits beware: you will tire and your quads will burst into flames on these skis. In a sense, these skis are a great barometer for your stance and balance. I recommend them for any level 8 skier who's looking to get into higher performance skiing on hardpack. 


When buying this ski, buy short. For comparison sake, my all mountains are 178cm, and my 70% pisted are 172cm. Our 5'10 CSIA level 4 session coach skied these in 165cm. 



Short radius

Edge hold


Hardpack and ice skiing

Great feedback



unforgiving (but good feedback on your skiing)

probably off-piste and powder

Not good for pivoting/skidding turns