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Rossignol Scimitar or Volkl Bridge

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Basically after making my purchase of my Bushwackers I'm reconsidering what I wanted in a ski. I want something a bit more playful, slightly freestyle orientated, but still definitely an all mountain ski, twin tip for sure. That's how I've gotten down to these two ski's. My question to you guys is which is a the better all around performer. I want something that's good on hard pack, able to carve and hold an edge (importantly in short radius turns), good in the bumps and trees, so something maneuverable is important. Powder - decent, I get a lot of snow at the Resort I ski at (Fernie), but being in school and working I can't make it out always when their is a big dump. So that being said I do ski a lot of groomers, crud, bumps and trees. I'm lightweight only 110#, 5'5", 17y/o, for my size and weight I am fairly aggressive but I also want a playful ski. A couple concerns that I have with these 2 skis are: both ski's are full rockered although I believe the Bridge does have quite a bit more splay in the tip and tail (could be wrong), however does this extra splay produce any drawbacks? Also with the Scimitar it has a sidewall/cap construction, I'm worried that this will result in less edge grip, although from what I've read it seems like the Scimitar has better grip then the Bridge, again is this true? Lastly for the Scimitar the construction is wood, foam and fiber glass/glass inlays, I'm worried that this is not as good of a construction as the Bridges' wood core and carbon fiber. Again is this something to worry about?



Thanks in advance, if you got any questions feel free to ask.



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BTW: both ski's I'm looking at in the 171cm length




171 Scimitar: 128 98 121 R:19M


171 Bridge 125 95 115  R:18.5M

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BUMP, come on people (:

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Take a look here:




I don't think you will get more detailed info than that.


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Thanks Allan, I have actually read both, but since the two ski's were tested by two different people it's hard to see how they directly compare to one another.

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maybe you could go over and ask on Blister, they're usually really helpful in giving insight into different skis.

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I'll give that a try also, thanks. Also want to hear your guys' opinions.

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