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So I'm buying new skis this year. I've been skiing since I was three and I am now 17 so I would consider myself pretty damn good...that is at skiing groomed slopes, I haven't done much in the terrain park. I live in the North East so I need skis that will do well on the groomed, sometimes icy snow that we get here. I love to carve and race down trails and pretty much just go really fast which all-mountain skis are usually good for, but I'd also like to get into the park a little so twin tips are looking like another pretty cool option. The problem is none of my friends are really interested in the park so I probably wouldn't be able to go that much even though if I start to really like it I might start to go there more often, but I don't really want to sacrifice a huge amount of speed and stability by getting strictly park twin tips. So I could get something like I didn't actually research it at all or anything and it's way out of my price range, I'm just using it as an example of that type of all mountain ski that does well with speed on regular trails. But if I got that type of thing I really wouldn't be able to use it in the terrain park at all so I was also looking into something like the but that's like 90 under foot which is pretty thick, seems mostly oriented towards someone who will encounter some powder which I won't. There's also the option of getting this binding which would make it so that if I had my dream ski that could excell at both park and speeding down the slopes, I'd be covered for making the switch between having the binding centered and having it back a little. Do you have any advice for me in my search for the perfect ski? Any skis you can recommend? If I were to go for the only park type I might go for this but who knows, maybe that would do well on the trails too if I had it set back on that binding. I'M SO CONFUSED! First world problems... What do you guys think?