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Fischer Big Stix 8.6 for sale (with bindings) -$600

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Well, I've skied on them about 7 times now, long enough to know they aren't for me... so, they're for sale. The ski's are new this year, with Tyrolia Railflex LD 12 bindings. Really great shape.
The bindings can be adjusted to any size boot.

Buyer will pay for shipping, whatever it turns out to be. I've never shipped a pair of skis before, so I don't know.

I will be leading a group ski trip from 2/29/04 until 3/6/04 and won't be able to respond.
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what length?
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what length?
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The Fischer FX 8.6 ski length is 180 cm. I know 'cause inkjetman is my ski-buddy and I'll be at Tahoe with him this coming week... The binding's Din goes up to 12.
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Sorry about that. I didn't get a chance to enter the specs last night. The Big Stix 8.6 is 180 cm long. The sidecut is 120-86-107. I have posted a picture of what they look like on my website
Mind you, since I don't have a digital camera, this is a manufactuer's picture. Mine do look identical, since I've only skied them about 7 times.
The Tyrolia Railflex goes from 4 to 12. Once mounted, you can adjust them forward and backward about an inch for different snow conditions. They also free flex on the snow. A picture is at
The retail price on the skis is $750 and $300 on the bindings.
Here's a review of the ski:
The Fischer Big Stix FX 8.6 pushes the technological boundaries of ski construction to create one of the lightest, most stable, powerful fat skis ever made. Fischer drew on its experience with materials used in aircraft, race car, and road bike construction to create a revolutionary carbon fiber chassis for the new FX 8.6 and FX 7.6 [FIS0004] alpine skis. The new core produces a more consistent flex, a longer life to the rebound of the ski, and a stronger, more durable construction—all without sacrificing the wood core stability Fischer has always been known for. With one of the most versatile fat shapes around, the FX 8.6 floats confidently in powder and is narrow and stiff enough to rule the hardpack as well. Its generous sidecut hooks up for perfect arcs, but won’t get twitchy if you need to let ‘em run on a 50-mph straightline runout.

Bottom Line: Advanced to expert Western skiers need look no further for a powerful, versatile, everyday ski.
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The Big Stix 8.6 are a great ski for the right person. Here are two reviews that offer lots of positive insight: Bob Peters and Gonzostrike reviews of Big Stix 8.6
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