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My first post here. I'm a 17 yo male from Pennsylvania. Season pass holder at Seven Springs. I learned on snowboard first and switched over to skis. Still have the board but I tend to prefer skiing. Up until 2-3 years ago I was skiing on some ancient skis. Flat back, same width all around with pointed tips. The ones I bought were some cheapy apache brand 167cm alpine skis I got new off ebay for about $220. The bindings on them are set pretty far back. They work alright. Especially after first time waxing last night, they were slick. I'd like to think I'm an advanced skier. I can beat just about anyone down the mountain and do some impressive carving along the way. Not, so great at moguls, but I never really cared enough for them to bother to get good at them.
I'd like to get into the park more often. I've never had the nerve to try rails, but I can hit the jumps pretty well. Mostly just straight jump, nothing special. They don'll seem to want to do what I want if I try anything special. Also seems like that don't want to flex at all. I've tried teaching myself to ski switch, but again it seemed very tough. There's about 2 times as much ski up front as in back of bindings. They obviously weren't made for what I want to do. 
So being that in PA we don't get much powder, I should get them on the skinny side. Based on Line's way of rating skis %pow, %allmt, %park, I was thinking %50/50 between all mountain and park would be a good combination for me. Should I get have bindings centered or offset slightly back? I'm 6'0 170lb. I was thinking around 179cm would be good, what do you think?
I appreciate any advice. If you know any good articles for me to read, feel free to link me. I've been having a hard time finding good information.