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A limited selection of Salomons 2013 Rocker lineup is available in some shops i Norway.


The lineup is named Rocker2- 98, 108, 115, 122, and have improved/updated binding mount positions and some grafhic changes.


They are developed by Salomon Mountain collective, and each individual ski is signed by the shaper with the skis spec. (tips and tail rocker etc)


Prices are similar to the Rocker 2, and slightly less for the narrower versions.


The 115 have the following spec:



188 cm 139-115-131 mm 21.0 m 2280 gram (pr ski) 877 mm mount point from tail


It is stiffer overall, and particular the tail is stiffer then the original Rocker2, giving it a more "Big mountain" profile.


With only 2 inches of snow, it may be a while before i am able to take them out where they belong. Cant wait for the winter to really kick in!!!


Here are some pictures: