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Ski Carrier? Thoughts?

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Hi my name is Daniel Lister and I am doing my hsc this year. I am doing the subject Design and Technology, for this subject I have to do a major work. For this I have decieded to design and create a ski carrier. If you could please fill out this small survey and give me some help in my reasearch that would be great.

Much aprreciated,
Daniel Lister


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Learn the 'over the shoulder' method.


BTW the term 'stocks' is unique to Australia, everyone else in the world calls them poles.

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I myself use this method all the time.


This is for my HSC, its target market is families with kids and first time skiers. There is also a safety factor. Over the shoulders can be dangerous, especially people that are new to skiing and are not used to walking in ski boots. You often see people that are not used to ski boots, and really struggle to carry skis. They're carried awkwardly and stock tips flying everywhere.


My design aims to make carrying skis more comfortable, easier and safer for those who wish to use it.


Ok, thanks I didn't know that, ill make a change.

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Take a look at
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