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Would Bonafides replace or complement Kendo?

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My current quiver now: Kendo 184's and DPS 112RP in 190.  But I've got a line on an amazing price for a set of new Bonafide's in 187.


So my question is for those of you who've skied them:  Are the Bonafide's different enough that they would compliment Kendo's or would they replace them entirely as my 70% daily ski in Tahoe (Squaw/Alpine)?  


I'm almost inclined to bite the bullet and buy the Bonafide's to replace my Kendo's, sell the Kendo's a potentially pick up (either used or rent) a true frontside ski for the icy manmade conditions we currently have in Tahoe.








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Get em. Period. 

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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post

Get em. Period. 

Oh no....somehow I knew you'd say that.  I'll bring the wife the next time I stop in to introduce her to my "bad influence." biggrin.gif


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Ok done deal!  Got the last pair.  Can't wait to mount them up and try them out!  Hopefully that snow comes in towards the end of this month as the latest models are showing.... 

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Okay just re-read practically the whole Bonafide thread in my post-purchase excitement and lack of snow boredom.  


Phil, now I'm second guessing whether the 187 is too long since they don't seem to ski shorter than they are.   Being even longer (a bit) than my 184 Kendo's I'm worried that in the bumped out skied off stuff they won't actually be any more manueverable? Should I have gotten the 180's?  Reminder -- I'm a 6'3" 240lb strong Advanced Intermediate to Advanced skier, but still struggle on big bump runs (small bumps are fine).


I'm hopefully going to sell my Kendo's if the Bone's can convince me to do so.  Also a reminder, my other ski is a DPS 112 (190) for soft days and/or trees, etc....








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Think I answered my own question...


I looked at the sidecut of the Kendo 184 (24.1) to the 187 Bones (21.5) and I assume that with the tip/tail rocker and lesser radius the Bone's will be at least as turny if not more so than my Kendo's, so I'll likely be fine.  And we're also only talking about an inch difference in overall length, not to mention that the two skis will probably have similar flex....


Correct me if I'm wrong?


The only other question I have now is on the brake width.  The shop that was blowing out the Bone's had some '11 Griffin's at a great deal in the 110 brake width so I grabbed them.  Is that going to be too wide for this ski, or should I go back and exchange them for the 90's and have them bent a bit wherever I get them installed?   Even though I'm heavier, I've had great luck with my Griffin's on my Kendo's so far...




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The 110 brake will be better.

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I have 110 mm Jesters on my Bones and the brake width is fine.  With your height and weight the 187 Bonafide is the right size, 180 will be too short. 

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