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Need skis, sick of the "latest, greatest" runaround

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Everyone I've talked to wants to sell me a $1,000 "sweet deal".   I've got a better idea.  I believe I can get a pair of fun (used) skis and bindings for under $300.  I need some help to cut throught the BS.  I am a pretty good skier, 5'9", 200lbs with over 25 years on Northeast slopes.  I am finally ready to turn in my old school telephone poles for something newer.  I currently ski 210 cruisers and 190 slalom skis, and I'd like to downgrade a bit.  My goals are simple:  keep up with my 11 year old kids, who mainly ski groomers, a few moguls, but seem to be increasingly drawn to the diamond trails.  I've been living on expert slopes forever, although I don't go fast anymore, nor do I care much for Volkswagon sized moguls.  I stopped jumping and trick skiing.  I ski about 10 days per year.  All I want is something fun and slow with decent ice grip for the Northeast.


Last weekend, I demo'd a few skis in the 156-170cm range.  They were toys.  I had fun playing with them.  Frankly, I can't tell what is a good ski.  They are all so short I can make them do anything (which I like).  They ranged from an older pair of Atomic mertron's with an 11m radius to new Atomic Smokes, to some other $1,000 skis the mountain shop gave me.  The mertrons were the most fun for me because they had the most aggressive sidecut, were lightest, and I could carve a tight turn.


After making 13 year old telephone poles work well, I'm pretty sure I can have fun on 2-3 year old shaped skis.  I've lost a little of my parallel skills, so I want to stay with short skis that won't cross tips in the slop.  I'd welcome any recommendations on how to cut through the marketing BS and get into some fun skis in my price range.  Thanks!



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Metrons are popular, and a good Eastern ski.  Saw a used pair on Ebay recently that went for $255.  You'll have no problem finding something.  Search the reviews here, and then see what you can find on Ebay or Craigslist.  

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I've been skiing the K2 Apache line of skis (on the Crossfires specifically) and from a quick Google Shopping search it seems you can find a used pair 2-3 years old in your price range. You description seems to fit what I do, although not quite as old a skier. Expert rated terrain, but not trick oriented. I do like to try my hand at moguls but after demoing some other skis have determined the Apache's aren't that great for moguls, and I think you might find them to be a good ski to check out.

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Atomic makes/made? a nice line of  "all mountain" skis that have fairly aggressive side cuts. The nomads are a great ski. If you want something really aggressive old race skis can usually be found on the cheap if your willing to have a little patience in looking.    

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I think I found some Nomads in my price range.  No Crossfires.  The Metrons came in so many generations, I'm having a hard time sorting them out.  I almost bought some x wings, but stopped myself.  Volkl ac30's might be in the mix as well.  Anything else I should consider?



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Here's something to look at:  http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260871290416&_trksid=p2992.m753


Great ski for an experienced driver.

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