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Dalbello Voodoo

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This boot fits me well as far as I can tell (I bought it based on fit alone in the shop, the proprietor wasnt very helpful as far as pointing out differences in various boots), but I was having some problems controlling my skiis when the going got rough (in variable conditions), usually when my (not very good) technique started breaking down, going to fast through rough terrain snow.


I took them back to a different ski shop and they molded the liner to my foot just to make sure I was getting best fit in that boot, told me to try them out again, pay closer attention to when I was having trouble so he could further troubleshoot if necessary.


I am completely willing to concede its my poor technique causing the problem (going to be taking lessons in cpl weeks), but it seems this boot was designed for park, and I am skiing EC groomers and glades, intermediate level ... so just wondering if I have the right boot.


Thanks in advance for any perspective.


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Hi Sandman,


Read the WIKI "Which boot should work for me" at the top of "Ask the boot guy's" section.  Pay close attention to how to do a "Shell check" and then do one on the boot you now have, and get back to us.



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I will certainly do so.


Fitting aside, the main point of my question, is it even worthwhile figuring out if these boots fit correctly.


I am wondering if they are the right boots at all, even if they do fit properly. They are described as park boots. I don't anticipate ever hitting up park features.



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that is marketing for the most part.    "race" = narrow and stiff,  "park" = med/wide and soft.


if that is what your foot needs, and your ability needs then great,  doesn't matter where on the mountain you use them, just as long as they fit

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