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Dan Egan at Killington this Weekend! Jan 7 & 8

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January 7-8, 2012

Boldly go where no groomer has gone before. This weekend clinic is an exciting and welcoming opportunity to venture into the moguls, steeps and trees at Killington with one of the top adventure skiers, Dan Egan.


The best solution to limited snow is to improve your skills!  Come join me this weekend at Killington for an All-Terrain Ski Clinic, you can join in for one or two days.  There is limited space on Saturday but Sunday I can handle up to 3-4 more.  The day includes on snow sessions 9-12 and 1-3:30.  Lunch is included and as well video review both days. 


We will be working on overall skiing, carving and bumps.  Great opportunity for intermediates and experts. The conditions are good, it’s been a strong week of snow making weather and the weather outlook for this weekend looks great, warm temps which will mean great snow surfaces.


Two Clinic with lift pass $358, one day $179, (if you have lift pass there is a discounted rate)


Come on, and let rip it up this weekend!!!


We meet at Snow Shed Main Ticket area at 8:30, ask the ski school desk if your lost!!dan and dean.JPG

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This is a great idea, except for the woods!

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This is a great opportunity!


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Great day today!! Soft snow, warm temps and fun group.  If your skiing tomorrow looks us up, 8:30 start, with the full moon tonight it can only mean good energy tomorrow!!




Killington "Beast" Egan Ski Group

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Happy Skiers on SundayThe group just got bigger and bigger!

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We had a great weekend of skiing Killington.  The snow was good, Saturday was warm and the snow was soft, and Sunday, provided grippy snow!  The group grew to 10 on Sunday, we skied a ton and talked on the lift!  Come on out for the Feb clinic or catch me in Big Sky in Feb and March.

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Awesome, I can feel the high energy of this group via the  pics.  Dan (or participant) can we attach some epic names to the faces?!

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Hi Dan- are you coming out this way later this season? Maybe we might even get some snow! (5-9" last night, but we need more like that amount in feet!).



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I had the pleasure of attending Dan Egan’s clinic this past weekend at Killington.  This is the second time I have attended one of his clinics, the other time was about 5 years ago at Sugarbush, and the first thing I have to say is that I shouldn’t go so long between these.  I say this partly because I have not had any formal training other then the 2 clinics with Dan (never took any other lessons and never raced so I never had any coaching either), and my skiing, although I do have fun out there, has a lot of room for improvement.  I also say this though because this clinic was quite simply a lot of fun.


Anyway, the 2 days I spent skiing with Dan and the others was so many things.  First, the energy and enthusiasm that Dan brings to these is really contagious, making it a great group experience, and everyone ends up pushing it past their comfort zone, which is really how many of us end up improving.  And it is also so obvious just how much Dan loves being out there with groups like this and helping others to ski better.


Dan’s teaching is also much different I would guess than the typical instruction one might find on the local hill.  His emphasis is not just on technique, though he does of course touch on that.  But just as important, Dan really stresses other things such as why you are even out there, what is it about skiing that makes you go out in cold winter weather to slide down the side of the hill.  Not to mention what is it that you are even trying to get out of his clinic – do you just want to improve your ability to ski the whole mountain, any kind of snow or terrain, or are you driven by more specific goals such as “kicking the butts” of the boys back at school who think they are so great (we all thought that was a real motivator!).


And from this Dan really helps you ski the whole mountain better, to be more relaxed and not fight the hill, yet at the same time be more willing to ski on the edge too. And he helps you to read the mountain better, to ski lines that you never saw before, and to compliment the mountain with your skiing instead of fighting against it.


And of course, he is so quick to identify those little things you are doing wrong (of which I had more then my share).  But even better, he has a knack, at least for me, of explaining such things in non technical terms that are very understandable, with a clear idea of what you need to do to correct this or that.


So, bottom line, was it worth it?  For me it was.  In all honesty, I think the clinic was a bargain.  Heck, two days of skiing with and getting coached by Dan Egan, the camaraderie developed among the group, what’s not to like?




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The Dan Egan difference in ski coaching is an attention to the psychological state we dwell in when we ski. Two days with Dan and I ski with an energy that I was taught out of over time. Dan's coaching style embraces the strange, weird, and different feelings we have when skiing something new. In skiing with Dan you quickly realize that a nice looking run results from pushing your own personal limits, because skiing is at it's core experiential. 


Never before has my first lesson of the day been on the importance of breathing (maybe in the yoga studio, but not on slopes). Surprisingly enough, this lesson wasn't about how to breathe, it was simply to do it, which opened up immediate conversation among the group for several chair rides - breathing is the foundation of all athletic movement and it is what relaxes us. It is funny because we always forget the basics of having a good time. Dan shows us that skiing is not about being apprehensive over what to do, it is about complimenting the mountain in our own way. As skiers we are meant to channel our energy, not to control it. You learn this first with remembering to breathe; the first of many simple lessons you will pick up from Dan.


Dan's creatively different coaching continues with the permission that our natural range of motion is in fact ski technique. It is a personalized experience for everyone in the group. Is skiing skeletal or muscular? Dan doesn't get there. It's not how he thinks about skiing. He teachings the feeling of skiing - maximize your movements, duplicate, internalize, and the learning will follow. If your committed to whatever it is your skiing purpose is, you will discover a rejuvenated wildness in your skiing - maybe not Dan Egan's Wild World of Winter material, but wild in your own way.


I know that I left saying, "Wow, I can't believe I can do that!".



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For those who attended this clinic, what kind of demographics and skill levels made up the group?  Would a soon-to-be-50-year-old, upper-level-7 skier be out of place?  I'm going to take some sort of a specialty clinic at Killington, so I would love to know if one of his programs would be a good choice.

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Our ages this weekend ranged from 22-63 and everyone was very supportive of each other.  My teaching is not aimed at age or level, rather it is designed so skiers can change the way they ski the mountain.  Its based on thw Weems model of the Sports Diamond, www.edgechange.com and my years of skiing around the world in all sorts of conditions with clients.  Skiers connect with each other and the energy just builds and builds....


Hope you can join me this winter



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Dan, I have to make time to ski with you again......sooner rather than later!


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Whats the Situation in Tahoe?  Bare Ground?

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Originally Posted by Dan Egan View Post

Whats the Situation in Tahoe?  Bare Ground?

Nothing off piste covered yet (sadly), but some resorts are making snow like crazy to keep the groomer skiing in good shape.


I'll nudge you when we get our first 10 ft storm cycle biggrin.gif

Heck, I'll even pick you up at the airport and give you a place to hang out. 

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The Killington Clinic is gettig nice press around New England...




And on Ski the East



Join me this winter at Big Sky or Kiilington in Feb and March!


Rock on!!

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I went to a handful of camps with Dan when I was younger... I think I did a three day camp when I was 11, 12, 13, 15 and 17.  Other than those camps I did with him I have only had, I think 6 days of other instruction and that's it for my whole life.  So basically I learned most of what I know from his camps and had an awesome time at them too : )  My Brother also went to the camps. 


Here is my testimonial (the videos).  Dan's camps are where I learned almost all of this.  They made me the skier I am today.


I have not seen Dan in 13 years.  I am not associated with the camps or anything.  I just thought this was a nice way to say "Thanks!". 









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Blake!! How is your brother and Dad!  Way to rip the bumps!  Great to here from you and keep on skiing, it was in your blood as a kid and I can see it only got better!  Hope we can catch some runs again, where you hanging these days?

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Thanks : )


My Brother and Dad and good : )


I'm in Winter Park right now.  It'd be really cool to do some runs!  Send me a PM if you're going to be coming this way any time soon. 


It's good to talk with you : )



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Sorry I missed the Killington clinic. Is there a schedule of clinics somewhere?



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Originally Posted by bplatt03443 View Post



Sorry I missed the Killington clinic. Is there a schedule of clinics somewhere? 


See the site at the bottom of Dan's signature, www.skiclinics.com



I skied with Dan in a number of X-Treme Team clinics back in the 1990s. My mom's picture with his brother John used to hang over John's bar at Sugarbush. It's been too long!!!


It was a chairlift chat with Dan in the 1990s that got me out of my ineffective ***** brand boots and into a pair of Lange Banshees that took my skiing up several notches almost instantly.


Don't misunderstand. Dan wasn't pushing Lange or any brand. He just mentioned that he'd demoed the ***** boots, that they put him and me in an unnatural stance and explained how that was affecting my skiing. I was fond of those boots and Dan was sensitive to that. He didn't criticize them, he just noted that my skiing might improve in something else and offered a few tips on what to look for. Bingo!


Dan (like every X-treme Teamer) skis with a freedom that looks deceptively undisciplined. If you look quick you might think he's just goofing around, until you see him nail tight tree runs at race speeds while still looking totally relaxed. His skills seem so ingrainied that he no longer even thinks about them, he just skis.


But the skills are there. I remember one run where Dan said, "Come on, catch me if you can!". We chased him down a long bump run, doing our inadequate best to keep up. "So what?" you ask. Of course a high level coach and ex-Mogul Team member is going to whup his class in a race. The deal was that we schmucks were allowed to use both skis, Dan was restricted to one. He ripped the top half of the bumps entirely on his right ski, the bottom half entirely on his left. Skills? They're there in spades. But the clinics are mostly about something else, call it freeing your mind and body to PLAY with your skiing.



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Originally Posted by DouglySkiRight View Post


See the site at the bottom of Dan's signature, www.skiclinics.com




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Originally Posted by Dan Egan View Post

...Join me this winter at Big Sky or Kiilington in Feb and March!


Rock on!!

Alright, Dan - you got it! I convinced four of my friends to join you at Big Sky in March. We're all signed up. We all suck, so how about getting us pumped up starting right now!! What kind of gnar gnar are you going to throw at us? Can't wait!!! biggrin.gif
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I didn't notice you sucking when you were here last year, what happened?

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Originally Posted by carvemeister View Post

Alright, Dan - you got it! I convinced four of my friends to join you at Big Sky in March. We're all signed up. We all suck, so how about getting us pumped up starting right now!! What kind of gnar gnar are you going to throw at us? Can't wait!!! biggrin.gif


This is how you do it - 

  • Show up with your rock skis (Dan's definition of rock skis = skis that have bindings on them)
  • Get lots of sleep the night before (you'll need it)
  • Drink lots of water (hydration is necessary)
  • Have a fresh tube of lip protection because you'll be smiling a lot
  • Show up with a "BRING IT" attitude.



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Originally Posted by sibhusky View Post

I didn't notice you sucking when you were here last year, what happened?

Haven't gotten in much skiing so far this year! eek.gif Steeps in most of Vt. are barely skiable. Hoping that lots of hill running and having lost 20+ pounds will make up for the lack of turns thus far. We are heading up to Sugarloaf and Saddleback, Maine, next week though and maybe I'll feel more ready after seeking out the goods up there. beercheer.gif
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Here's roughly what to expect - from one of several X-Treme Team clinics I did with Dan, John and their co-conspirators (back when they and I were MUCH younger biggrin.gif ).


So John's leading a group down some bump run at Sugarbush. The exercise was something like "make medium radius turns REGARDLESS of the bumps. Absorb and deal with (no, PLAY WITH!) whatever crazy angles you find, but make consistent medium radius turns." John did it smoothly of course, the rest of us galumphed our way down as best we could. It got easier as we learned to let our bodies and heads relax and just let things flow (which is how John skis all the time, I've never seen him look stressed on skis, or in a bar either).


Oh, did I mention it was foggy? Not just a little foggy. Socked in pea soup right down to the snow with visibility of < 10 feet foggy. One of the students made a VERRRRY bad mistake... he whined. "I can't SEE anything." Wrong move.


"Yeah, the visibility sucks." says John. "I'm just going to make 8 easy turns of any size straight down these bumps. Does everybody think they can do that?"


"Sure", we all nodded. Even the whiner could do that.


"Okay", says John. "There's just one catch. You have to do it like this."


He then removed his helmet, put it on BACKWARDS (completely blocking his vision) and ripped 8 tight turns down the zipper line.


"Okay, you're next!" he yelled...


We did it too, visibility be damned.




True story. Expect the unexpected. It will be crazy and fun but whatever you do, don't whine.




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That is a GREAT story!! I'll have to make sure I get all of my whining done before I get anywhere near Big Sky. eek.gif
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Best skiing weekend of the winter in the North EAST!  Join me at Killington for my last All Terrain Ski Clinic of the Winter....





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