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Replacement for my All-Stars... RTM? The Code PSI?

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I'm thinking of replacing our Volkl All-Stars but I'm a bit confused by the new Volkl lineup. I'm looking for primarily an eastern on-piste carving ski that can ski fast, hard, tight turns on groomed snow and handle ice, something a bit more forgiving that a race ski but still fairly aggressive. Some versatility is good for hard bumps and mixed conditions, but I also have the Mantras for my all-mountain ski (love them), getting off-piste or handling powder, mixed, soft bumps, etc. The All-Stars have been great for me.


It looks like the RTMs are the replacement for the AC-50's, which I think are a bit wider and more all-mountainy that I'm looking for. Is "The Code PSI" a good replacement for me? I can hardly find any reviews at all on The Code, and everything I've read about the RTM's makes me question whether it's going to quick enough or will carve well enough. I've also heard mixed things about the "rocker" designs that Volkl's gone with in both skis. Should I look beyond Volkl?



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Check out the Avenger lineup by Rossignol. The 82 would be more of what you're describing, but there's a 76 model also. Both are available in a TI (read: stiffer) or a Basalt construction. Maybe also check out the Blizzard Magnum 8.1


As  for the Volkl lineup, I haven't seen the Codes in person, but hearing good reviews from RTM owners. The RTM is NOT like the AC's if that's what you're looking for.



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I still have a pair of the Volkl Allstars , and  , as you , find them a great ski .I last year purchased the Blizzard GPower Supersonic ski , which is a magnificent carving ski , and also OK off piste . I'd strongly recommend it for you .



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The feel of a continuous rocker ski is different than what you are accustomed to. You may find that you like it or possibly not. The fully rockered RTM skis have gotten a mixed reception from our testers at Starthaus and from our customers that have purchased them. Some folks like them well enough but others find them to feel rather odd at lower edge angles and at crossunder.


OTH, the Code SP has gotten universally positive responses. The SP has some tip and tail rocker but it has a normal cambered section underfoot. The SP does not have quite the ice pick grip that Volkls have been known for in the past but it is certainly good and would be adequate for most conditions and most times. If it sounds like the Code is toned down a bit, that's true, it is. However, (IMO anyway) this is a good thing as many Volkl models in the past have been anything but forgiving. The New Code SP is the best ski in the Volkl lineup for your stated goals.


If you decide to look outside of the Volkl brand there are other great choices some of which have been mentioned above.  Some that have not been mentioned yet are the Course Ti from Dynastar, the Kastle MX 78 and the Fischer Progressor 1000. Those three all have tremendous grip and dampening and conventional camber so they will have a familiar feel to your older skis.



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Not sure if you already found your replacement for the all stars.  I was in the same boat needing to replace my all stars two years ago and picked up the Volkl tigershark 11ft.  They are perfect for east coast hardpack and with the switch system can be softened for cruising.  Really an amazing ski.  I have seen them on sale as they are now a year or two old. 


Carve:  simply amazing, Hand dragging angles and no top speed. 

Bumps: switch off they are ok but still stiff

Powder:  Will handle 5 or 6 inches but def are not an all mountain ski. 


I demoed the RTM 84 last year in Tahoe. Hardpack and some woods on a day that started hardpack and ended with a foot of fresh snow.  Not in the same category as the Tigershark.  To me they felt, less stable edge to edge.  Fun ski in the trees.  I ended purchasing the Volkl Kendos. 

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