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DNFs in men's WC slalom

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After 2 DNFs in the second run at Zagreb by US skiers, I started to wonder, do our skiers DNF more frequently than other countries' skiers, or is it just my imagination? Here are the stats through four men's slalom races this season (from a total of 404 first and second runs combined):


US DNF rate: 8 of 35 - 23%

Other countries' DNF rate: 58 of 369 - 16%


(For those who care, a chi-square test gives a test statistic of 1.45, which is not statistically significant)


So, is this just bad luck, or are our younger skiers trying to emulate Bode and Ted's style, but are unable to do it?



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They may DNF a little more, but it doesn't really matter.  I got to forerun some FIS GSs this weekend, and even at that level, it's all aggro, all the time. I saw the same race, and the US guys skied brilliantly...until they went out.  Big deal. If you're not winning on the WC, you're nobody, so everybody has to keep punching it and hope to stay in, this race, next race, every race....



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The risks pay off.  One top 10 finish is much bigger than a whole season of being outside of top 30 (out of the FIS points).

Even one high level finish shows potential, not much value in being consistent but outside of the points.

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