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Over the Hill Club

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For all of yinz Springs skiers who are 55 and older and wish to meet  with some other geezers to shuss da slopes. Sign up for the Over the Hill Gang around 9 AM Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Lodge lookers left, opposite the cafeteria. If you're a pass holder you get to ski with a sociable group. If you're not a pass holder Franz will give you a voucher for a 1/2 price ticket. We split in two groups one fast, one slow. Ski with us from 10 to noon then hang with the gang or split off and go your own way.


Did I mention you get a half price voucher to ski for the day and a voucher for a cup of hot chocolate? Just ask Franz if this is where you sign up for the Over the Hill Gang. He'll say Ya, sign your name in the book and Franz will give you a voucher if needed, Here's the dig, if you want the free hot chocolate, you got to ski with us.


I don't know how often I can make it this year but I skied with the fast group today and they all had game.


The age of the group skews a little older. I felt like the young guy at 57 and some of the participants would make Phil green with envy on retro day but I had a great day and got a chance to ski with folks who actually remember when Eisenhower was President and I think a few may have actually met Roosevelt.

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At some point I am just going to have to ski with you in the old folks club. beercheer.gif

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Pierre, we missed you at the last couple of Mid-A gatherings. I might join the over the hill gang next week if I'm over this respiratory infection. Let me know what you're thinking.

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I might have to give this a try next week.


LHC, who do you recommend locally for a base grind?

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Willi's is the big dog in town and their staff should be pretty knowledgeable and very well practice by this time of the season. The closest to you is on  Rt. 22 in Monroeville near the Miracle Mile Shopping Center.Willi's is across the road from there on your right as you drive toward Pittsburgh. Peak Ski and Board is also in Monroeville on Center Rd. not far from the entrance to Boyce Park. Either should do a good job. I'm closer to Peak's Gibsonia store and I can vouch personally for the work there. I've not used Willi's for some years now but only due to the inconvenience for me to get there.


Let me know which day you plan to go and I'll see if I can make it. I'm slated to finish house rehab next week so I might not be able to go but let me know just the same. Marcus will be there but I'm sure he will be busy with ski school. He's been running the line up for Junior Ski lately but the regular might be back and he could be free. PM @MikeC to see if he will be there that day. Either could be free later to make turns.

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