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186 Dynastar Powertracs. Used about 7 days. Euro graphics instead of the flames. Full sidewall construction and last before Dynastar went to the autocrap. bomber ski in perfect condition.

Potentially 180 T@nkers depending on price. New last spring and used about 7-10 days (stuck in US customs all year!!). Bottoms, edges, sidewalls in Excellent shape, tops have some scratches, nothing major. Full sidewall ski that's hard to get in the US. Drilled for Sm DII's. (would trade for 183 Teledaddy's)

180 Atomic Heli Guide's. Drilled twice = CHEAP/almost free.

170 Chubbs. Perfect shape. Drilled twice (Fritchi and Soli I think) = CHEAP

Alpine Trekkers for sale. ok condition. Not used in 4 years.

old Look bindings (will put model in tomorrow, low din)

email dougg73 at hotmail Dot com with any offers / questions

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