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New ski choice...

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Hoping for some guidance from the collective knowlege here.   Returning to skiing after 8-9 years away but have skied since I was 6. 


I'm 5'9", 170lbs, 42yo, in-shape and likely an 8-9 skill level per the rating scale I've seen used here.   I get to ski out West 3-4x a year, and two weeklong trips and a few days stolen when work travel gets me anywhere close to a mountain.  I like to push myself and can cover most of the mountain.   I'll also be skiing 8-10 local day trips in East with my little girls where it will be very gentle cruising.


Got fitted with new boots last year and demo'd several skis on a couple of different trips in Aspen and Vail.  I'm thinking I'd like a versatile all-mountain ski for the majority of my skiing and rent fat boards when travelling anywhere there's real powder.   I'm still improving in that area.  I am trying to spend more time developing off piste skills but enjoy hammering the groomed slopes, trees, and mixing in some bumps.  Had a great time hoofing up the bootpack into some deeper stuff last year at Snowmass in March but I'm not Mr Backcountry.


Skied multiple days on each last year: 


K2 Rictors.--Very easy to ski.  Liked a lot of conditions but not so great at any speed.  They seem to get flappy and just don't feel so great to me at speed.  I liked them in the bumps but didn't ski them as well as the AC30/s all over the hill. Skied a 160 and 170 something length.  Definitely prefered it longer.  Nice but not for me.


Volkl AC 30--Very nice overall--great carving fun.  LIked them better overall than the Rictors, especially with some speed.  Didnt feel like you could overwhelm them but they didn't feel overly stiff and had great snap out of the turns.   Same as the Rictor...preferred it in the 170-something length.  Better in the crud for me than the Rictors..


Volkl AC 50.  Very boardy and stiff.  Very stable and liked speed but I had to work and concentrate a lot harder to drive them.  Guessing I'm a little light for these.  Didn't feel as fun and energetic.




I'm all over the place with what looks good to me:  Atomic BlackeyeTi, Volkl RTM 80s, Kendo, Kastle MX88, Rossi E88?    Talking with some local shops...some say why not just go 88 or 90 width, though I'd originally thought of staying in the 80-84 range.   Having trouble sorting through it all--a lot of great skis to choose from.   Advice appreciated and thanks!

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You have some pretty good direction and I'd nudge you in the direction of the high 80's rather than low. There are a great number of skis in this range that will serve you well. Since you liked the feel of the AC-30, (a frontside oriented ski) I'd suggest you consider the Blizzard Magnum 8.7 or the Atomic Crimson Ti. Both are a bit biased toward frontside skiing but are wide enough for some mixed snow as well. Both have a dose of tip rocker to help out in the off trail stuff. The Experience 88 or Nordica Steadfast (among others) are great choices as well but don't have quite the grip or dampening of the other two. OTH, the tradeoff in favor of those two is that they are slightly softer in torsion and hence are more user friendly in bumps or scrambled egg conditions.


Despite the similarity in widths, those two groups of skis have a somewhat different focus. If any ski blends those two sets of characteristics, it is probably the Kastle MX 88.



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Thank you, Sierra Jim

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I would suggest either the blackeye, crimson or savage from atomic. They all kill it obviously with the savage at the top. 


Might i suggest the prophet line 90 as well. If you can ski, this ski will take you wherever you wish (minus the deep) 

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