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Ski Storage

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Hey guys, what's the preferred method of storing skis ?  Horizontal or Vertical ?  With the DIN turned down or just leave it alone ?  I've heard all different types of responses from talking to people.  So how do you guys do it ? 

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Not a good sign.... asking about ski storage on Jan. 5.

Maybe you are in the Southern Hemisphere.

I don't play with the DIN, keep them out of hot places.

Vert or Horizontal, don't really think it matters.

I hang them Vert

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Upright, against the wall in the garage where they are readily accessible when there's a powder day.

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I apply a THICK layer of all purpose wax over the bases and edges so they don't dry out, rust, or scratch each other up then hang them by the tips to preserve the camber.  Bindings stay set popped up.






some say that flattens the tips over time.  I'll take flat tips over camber loss or tail delams







then I hermetically seal the chamber and send it in to a mid geo centric orbit..tongue.gif

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