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I am looking for a backpack that I can use to keep in the car, but has ski straps and room for my gear.  Having enough room for boots would be a plus.  I think it would be much easier to just throw the backpack on with skis, poles and gear and hit the ticket lines.

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I have a ~50L backpack that's big enough to hold my boots and a few other items.  Any decent hiking pack has some sort of tie-on strap that you can attach your helmet or something else to.  Visit your local REI store and you'll find a variety of packs that should be big enough to hold boots and stuff.


I usually use a Hot Gear Bag now, which has backpack-style straps as well and room to hold a variety of gear.


Using a pack to carry your skis from the car to the lift strikes me as being a little over-the-top.  That's what your shoulder is for.  smile.gif

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