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One weekend in Switzerland

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I need to be in Neuchatel one week in mid-March and then in Baar for a few days early the following week.  This leave the weekend in between free for skiing.  My question is where should I go that would sort of be between these two locations.  Second, I am thinking of just bringing my boots and renting skis while I'm there to save room and for appearance sake.  Big ski bag in tow when getting picked up by the company driver, etc . . .  Last time I tried this, also in Switzerland, I didn't at all like the rental ski options, and had a less than ideal experience because the skis were not similar to my Atomic 918's (what I was skiing at the time . . .).  How do I go about renting some NICE skis?  Any advise on either topic would be appriciated.

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Looking at the map, you'll probably want to go towards Berne and then head down route 6, which leads to route 8. If you go that way, you could choose from Murren, Wengen, or keep heading back up towards Engelberg. All three of those should be good choices.


As far as finding good rentals, it depends on what type of ski you're looking for. What are you riding now? What type of ski are you looking for?

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Right now I am skiing on new Volkl Tiger Sharks since the women's expert ski I wanted to buy last year was sold out in my area.  I also have a pair of Rossignol Bandits that I ride for fun and take out west (fatter).



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The couple of times I've had to rent, I've gone to some of the bigger shops (like Intersport) and told them exactly what I was looking for. In a place like Wengen or Engelberg, you should be able to find a shop that has the Tiger Sharks or the other skis you had your eye on. Just let them know exactly what you want so that they don't just guess at your ski level.


I think some others here have been in that area and could comment further.

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