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Longest boards?

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waiting around for snow like everyone kill some time


What is your longest boards you ever skied or do currently ski and what type of skier would you describe yourself as?

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215s for about 20 minutes once back in 1982.  Did a heli on them.  Skied some VO Slalom 204s two years ago before retiring them.  Currently the longest boards in my quiver are 192s.

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Height and weight as well?



135 pounds (at the time)

205-207 range Atomic Arcs ***

Type: putting the dumb in young and dumb


*** Give or take, memory has slipped in the intervening 25 years.

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207 yellow atomic ARC Team Bionic RS

Learnig to go very FAST.


current longest ski is a Dynastar Team Corse 66 in a 182. (Faster and more fun than the Atomics, but not as yellowwink.gif)




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Raced on 223 Fischer DH skis. Awesome skis.

223 Dynamic DH skis for fun way back when.

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For any significant length of time, several skis at two hundred twenty something or other centimetres; I can`t remember the last digits, but I`m sure 5 was one of them.  I weighed 135-140 lbs at the time.


I currently ski a quiver ranging from 165 to 208 cm and weigh about 145 lb, down from a highest ever of 180 lbs at the end of last season.


I would describe my prefered skiing style as aggressive.  A (somewhat) reformed speed-thrill seeker,  I still ski pretty aggresively for an old dude, but I`m into more than just raw speed these days.  I`m also into tight turns, and am trying to become a more rounded skier, by practicing things that didn`t interest me before, like bumps at slower speeds with good technique  (I suck at bumps).   I can ski just about anything at any speed on any ski within the laws of physics without fear of falling, but given the chance, I prefer skiing fast enough to introduce just a little fear factor into the mix.



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Back in the straight-ski days I was on 198's for a while.  Some type of Rossignol; I don't remember the specifics.  At the time, I was basically your average intermediate groomer-cruiser skier.


I remember after I had skied my first pair of super-sidecut skis for a year or two I brought out the 198's again for a few runs.  I absolutely couldn't remember how to turn.  The last thing I remember about those was throwing them in the dumpster.

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Had some of the first generation Salomon 9000 1S PR8, a PR8 in that ski equated to a 212cm, it was an amazingly nimble ski for it's size and a great cruiser even in the east. 

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I went of to college (at about 145 lbs.) with a new pair of Head Comp GS in a 210.  This was the go to size for a GS ski.  I picked up a used pair of "short" 207 Dynamic VR7's.  And had a pair of Head 220 DH's.  Also a pair of 215 Rossi Allais Majors which were my favorites along with the Dynamics.  My go to size for the next few decades was a 205 usually in a GS or SL ski.  We skied all of the steep stuff, bumps, powder in Jackson, Squaw, Aspen, Chamonix etc. on 210 GS or 205 SL skis.  Never got into the short skis in the 70's and 80's. By the mid 90's, I skied 200's and 190's for a few years.

Today my longest ski is a 177 and shortest is a 174.  If I lived someplace where a wider ski (100+) was truly useful, I'd bump up to someting in the 185 range.

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Longest skis for regular, everyday use were 203.


Sinecure Colors.jpg


I have a 210 Snowboard that I ride a few times a year and have raced a couple times. It's a blast.


I have a pair of 223 Dynastar Descente DH race skis that I break out for long-board day. Here's a pic with both:


Big Stix.jpg


I jumped on a pair of 240 jumping skis back in the 80s.

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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post

Had some of the first generation Salomon 9000 1S PR8, a PR8 in that ski equated to a 212cm, it was an amazingly nimble ski for it's size and a great cruiser even in the east. 

I had the same ski in the 2S PR8 which was also my longest ski.  I believe the 2S was around 205ish.  It replaced a K2 KVC Comp in a 200 which replaced an Olin Racing Comp CRX in a 200.  The 9000 Equipe was replaced by a Super Force Pro Link also in a PR8 but was 202ish and then the downward sizing began with a X-Scream Series in a 195.


I am 5;9" and about 190 now.  I was more like 175 back in those days.   My current quiver is 160, 170, 173 & 180.


Rick G


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Hey Sinecure,


Great "long-board-Bio" ;)


I am actually thinking of getting a pair of those Atomic ARC Team Bionic rs's at 200, that I have found on Ebay.


How would you describe them? I really want a good, old-style, solid, straight and fast ski to add to my quiver. Have been on such skis before, so in general I know what I'm getting into...


Thanks for your help!


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I used to ski on 205 Spalding Squadra Corse GS skis back in the day.

My longest ski that I have now is 203 Kastle RX15 National Team Super G. I take them out on retro days.

My longest shape ski that i own is a 1999 pair of 198 Nordica K0.0 GS. I used them for a club level Super G.

In my glory days as a junior racer (mid 80s), I was 5'9" and 145 pounds.

Nowadays my skiing weight is around 170 pounds.

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Skiing in high school in the 90's my daily drivers for a couple of years were 198 Rossi's. Forgot the model

My friends and I also liked to have 200+ day once or twice a year ... I'd use my dad's old 205 Dynastars from the 80's. I believe they were similar to the one's pictured in this ad.

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I used to ski a 198 Elan X-2000 as my every day ski.

I then got on to several pairs of 192 m777s.


But the biggest, baddest ski I've ever skied with any regularity was the 194 Faction Thirteen, until I blew my knee on them.

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I stopped in the warranty department at Black Diamond in SLC last week to get a boot buckle replaced and they have a pair of speed skis standing next to the door.  They were Atomics at least 8 feet long, no sidecut and 4 grooves the length of the bottoms. Only good for one thing, going straight at over 100 mph.


Many years ago I took a run on some 223 cm downhill boards.  They were so smooth that I didn't realize how fast I was going until I tried to turn.

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Fisher Superglass 210's were my longest ski back in the college years...Got a season out of em at Stowe before those nasty hard bumps got the best of them.(They were Dad's hand me downs so had some wear on them). 

Now on 184 Middies

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Originally Posted by Treewell View Post

Fisher Superglass 210's were my longest ski back in the college years...Got a season out of em at Stowe before those nasty hard bumps got the best of them.(They were Dad's hand me downs so had some wear on them). 

Now on 184 Middies

Did the SUPERGLASS look like these? if so what year's were you skiing them?  what bindings?  Boots?


they are 210's but look short next to the 220  HEAD Competition Downhillsmile.gif





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Longest was 225 Atomic DH boards on fast groomers off season/mid-week when I lived in Vail.  These certainly helped me find my speed limit.  They wanted to go faster & I had to put on the brakes.  One of the most fun pair I had was on a pair of ladies DH boards.  Want to say they were between 223 and 218.  I grabbed them from a WC racer in '89 World Championships.  Skied them a few days in deep powder and crud in the back bowls.  Looking back, it was a wide ski with even flex and great flotation...hey, just like my wide skis today, just a little longer.   Was funny to look at my buddies skiing thigh deep and I was flying on top.  Turned them for a profit after a couple of weeks.  Some of my everyday GS skis were all 210cm.  Elan Comprex G, Volkl P10RS, Dynastar Coupe Du Monde GS  & probably a few more.  The only ones I kept was a pair of 210 Volkl VP19 that I still love to pull out every once and a while.  6 layers of metal make these feel like driving a tractor trailer down a street full of bikes.  You steer them where you want to go and anything in their path is destroyed.  Also, phenomenal edge grip.  At 6'1" 190lbs, I typically had to let them run a little before starting to turn them.  Just needed the extra inertia to load 'em up.

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Originally Posted by chcbb View Post



When I was a kid, I had a set of Dynastar Course SL's in a 175.  They were awesome.


Longest ski...


I am 6'1" and 225ish pounds.

Its kind of funny that things have come full circle. My longest straight ski was a 205CM Salomon Equippe 9000 from around 1993 vintage.


 I currently ski a 189 Obsethed and a 189 Kung Fujas. However, during the years these skis were made, K2 was funky with their measurements, and seriously understated the lendth of many of their skis.  I have a 200cm Atomic Beta Carve 9.22 from about 2002 or so (Rock Skis), and the "189" K2's are only a few cm shorter than those.


In the early 2000's I had several skis in the 175-180 range, before I woke up and got back to the 200 cm range.

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223 Head DHs (Black, looking like the metal/wood Heads of old) in the early 70s. Lots of fun until my instructor buddies bet me I couldn't tuck the mogul field... I'm still alive, but with a slightly modified bone structure. :)


Just rescued a pair of Rossi Equipe DHs that I plan to re-binding and just kinda cruise on.




Anyone know the year of these?

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Longest ever skied? 240cm Speed skis.

Longest ski that I made a turn on? 225cm DH

Longest ski that I made a clean carved turn on? 218cm DH

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Squaw just had a straight ski benefit event (max vert on skinny skis) and I saw a guy with a pair of Atomic Arc Speed 240's. The color was bright_____________  (?) who knows?


(If he did all his laps on those, he had a long day)

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6'3" 250 lbs


Skied several seasons on Authier 215 GS skis. Great high speed turns and they made sure you had good technique.


Old and creaky now but still ski long and skinny.

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My old Superglass skis looked similar to yours except mine were white down the middle and red on the outsides.

Same bindings as yours also ...old markers roto's. Boots were blue/red Raichle Race boots. Stiff as hell, great boots except often shinbang city on the bumps.

Had to say bye bye to them late March of 1981......half way down Goat one of them suffered severe internal injuries and expired. 

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