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Killington Glades/Terrain

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Haven't been to Killington since I was a beginner. Been spending my years at Jay, conquered the face last year, and can blow thru most there.


Unfortunately, can't make a trip to Jay this year. What is every ones opinion on Killington? Is there terrain to ski outside of the glades labeled on the map? What are the glades like there? I remember chop chop off the k1 lift was steep but not too tight.

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Plenty of tree skiing - but of course you need natural snow which has been in short supply this year.  Everything from the intermediate Squeezeplay on Rams Head, to the advanced Patsys and Low Rider off Snowdon to double black Julio and Anarchy off Skye Peak.  And lots more.  Nice thing is they are marked and on the map.  You don't need local knowledge to find them.

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