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Words on No Words

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Multi-weeks are about to start up.  Mining this deep and rich community for ideas.


During pre-season training, one interesting clinic was, "give us a lesson without talking at all."  Turned out to be fun, surprisingly effective, and a refreshing relief from the excruciating verbal outpourings that clinics often turn into.


One was skiing top to bottom blues with boots completely unbuckled, three times.  First run, the group is pretty stiff and tentative, very conservative lines, second run people are starting to loosen up and try different turn sizes and shapes, seeing what they can do rather than avoiding the things they are sure they can't, some nervous laughter, third run - hooting and hollering and people testing the limits of what they can get away with.  Again, no talking, no coaching, no feedback.  Yes, we debriefed later, over beers.  I am totally going to use this with clients who squat and others who love to throw their skis sideways.  It seems to be a self contained, coach-free method for getting folks to ski taller and gentler.


What is your favorite silent lesson? 

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I've never taught a silent lesson, or been involved with one, but I like the idea. I'd guess the key factors in choosing exercises to teach without talking would be making sure the exercise is easily explained through minimal demonstration and involves a high level of self feedback. Being able to progress without further explanation would be good too.


Maybe no poles drills for balance/core strength would work, start off hands on hips on easy terrain, carry on going through to coffin pose/hands on head and then making the terrain harder. One ski skiing could also work, although the focus may be hard to explain. One clinic that I do enjoy is 'shut up and ski', just getting people to push their boundaries is always good, whether it's going faster, skiing steeper terrain, whatever. This does to involve a little bit of talking though.



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Your post reminds me of Stu Campbell's last ever clinic. Known everafter as "The Quiet Clinic". He did talk though, the skis were supposed to be quiet.

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