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Skis and Ski Boots

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Hey. I have been looking for some new boots and skis for pretty much all-mountain skiing. I am starting to get into much more off-piste than sloped (Groomed?) skiing, and freeskiing is also a great interest. However, I have no idea which ski or which boot fits for this. My biggest problem with boots is that most rented I have tried makes my arch of the feet hurt so much it is impossible to turn and break without being very painful. The other boots do not hurt, but they are too narrow and pretty much choke my feet around the ankle. Skis will mainly be used for mogul slopes, off piste and, when I get the landing correct, freeskiing. Though if it is impossible to get such an all-round ski, offpiste and freeskiing is the highest prioritized styles. I have looked on a few interesting skis, but Id like to hear from some more experienced skiers before I go out and buy something.


Id say I am an advanced skier though not an expert, still having trouble at high speeds on steep slopes. I am not afraid of "difficult" skis. I learn pretty quickly - concerning skiing, at least ... So any suggestion is welcomed no matter the price :-)


Best regards,


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Post your location.  Somebody here will be able to recommend a good boot-fitter in your area.  Go visit that person.


Once you get your boots dialed in, you can start worrying about skis.

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Sure. I live in Copenhagen (Denmark). Though I have not found any ski shops around here. Specialized shops are not easy to find, I think, around here.

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